His Secret Lover

Being his secret lover was not what I had in mind but once it started, I found it really hard to stop...


3. Annoying People



I woke up to the sound of video games and people singing. I groan and I sit up. The covers fall down leaving my naked body exposed. I gasp and cover myself back up. I look over to see that Luke is not there. That means he's hanging out with the boys downstairs. I put my tank top and boy short back on then I go to my room and get dressed (outfit above). I head downstairs to join the boys...in whatever they're doing.

"Ryleigh!" I hear an annoying voice shout when I walk into the living room. I stop dead in my tracks when I see her...........................................................................................Carrie Parker. She is the most fake ass person you will ever meet. She is a slut and a bitch. I hate her with all of my being. She is always fucking clinging onto Luke and its disgusting. Like go the fuck away! She has fake boobs and she wears WAY too much makeup. She also has the most annoying fucking voice on the planet! She acts like I'm her best friend when the boys are around but then we they aren't she is a bitch to me because Luke and I are best friends. She knows she's not getting anywhere with him and yet she still tries her hardest to get into his pants. Ugh! Carrie really irks me...

"Hey Carrie!" I exclaim with the most fake smile ever plastered on my face. Carrie comes over a pulls me into a death grip 'hug' and brings her lips to my ear.

"I will have Luke and you better not get in my way," She hisses into my ear as she digs her long ass nails into my skin. I mutter a 'whatever' then she lets go of me.

"Its so good to see you again!" Carrie exclaims in her annoying ass voice with a fake smile on her face. I mentally kill her right there.

"You too!" I exclaim then I look behind her to see Luke raising his eyebrows at me. He knows I hate her with a passion, all of the boys do so they're all surprised I'm being nice to her. After Carrie is done being 'friendly' with me, she goes back to Luke's side and clings onto his arm. I clap my hands together.

"So what happened to the video games and singing I heard earlier?" I ask the boys. They all look over at Carrie before look back at me.

"There was a knock on the door so we paused the game and Luke stopped writing to answer the door. It was Carrie on the other side..." Michael tells me. I look at Luke with a raised eyebrow.

"You were writing a new song?" I ask him. He smiles and winks at me.

"You bet and guess what its about," He says. I tap my index finger to my chin.

"Hmmmm I wonder...Could it be about a girl?" I say sarcastically. He laughs and nods his head.

"Always Ry," He says still laughing.

"Its probably about Ryleigh," Calum says while winking at Luke and I. Luke blushes and I smile at Calum.

"Wouldn't be the first time he's wrote a song for me," I say while smiling at the blushing blonde-haired boy.

"Oh yeah! Wasn't Disconnected written about Ryleigh?" Ashton says. Luke blushes even more than before. I giggle at how cute my best friend is at this current moment. Carrie is fuming at what is being said.

"Luke why don't you write a song about me?" She whines to him. I roll my eyes at her. Luke looks at her and furrows his eyebrows.

"Why would I write a song about you?" He asks her as confusion spread across his face. She bats her fake eyelashes at him and runs her index finger up and down his chest.

"Because I'm hot and I can give you plenty of pleasure in the bedroom," She says with a wink. Luke looks horrified while the other boys laugh at what she said. I just scoff and roll my eyes again.

"He gets plenty of that already! Don't you Luke?" Michael exclaims which makes him, Calum, and Ashton laugh even more. Luke and I look at them wide-eyed.

"What?!" Luke shouts. Ashton winks at him.

"Don't think we don't hear you in your room at night when think we're sleeping," Ashton tells him then he glances over at me and sneaks a wink at me. My mouth drops open in shock. Carrie starts throwing a tantrum and we just stare at her, waiting for her to stop. When she's done, she storms out of the house. Luke and I turn back to the other boys.

"So you know about me and-" Calum cuts Luke off.

"Yes we hear literally everything, every night. Like come on don't you two ever take a break from each other?" He tells/asks Luke and I. We shake our heads. Michael nods his head at us.

"Well at least someone is getting fucked."




This Carrie:


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