As the title shows, I have yet to come up with a good title for this story. If any of you guys have a suggestion, please feel free to tell me in the comments below.


2. 2

     Jocelyn sits at her desk and impatiently watches the clock, waiting for the final bell to ring and give her permission to race out of the room as quickly as she can. Her fingers tap on the desk, her eyes glued to the clock. Any second now. She counts down to herself, 3...2...1...and she got the timing wrong. She tries again, 3...2-and the bell rings. She knows she has never gotten the timing right before, but also knows that it would be a miracle if she got it right on the dot.

     The class races to their feet and out the door, the teacher yelling behind them, "Don't forget! You have a test on Monday!" No one is really paying attention to her, it's the end of the school day on a Friday! All of her students have places to go tonight, all except Jocelyn, who is still thinking about this mysterious guy.

     When she steps out the door, Layla is waiting for her. "So, have you finally decided it's a good idea to meet him?" She nudges Jocelyn's shoulder, "Have you?"

    "You have to understand, Layla. My mom hasn't let me leave the house to go to a friend's in forever, and by forever I mean 4 years ago, before Amanda moved."

     "But you have to meet him! His name is Brady, he plays guitar, drums, and the bass guitar, he writes songs, and sings them to children in the hospital! If we can't meet up at my house then at least let me meet you at the mall tomorrow!"

     "We'll see."

     "I would like a yes more," Layla pouts her lip and bats her eyes, "Please? you know your mom always lets you go to the mall!"

     "Fine! Just, quit using that face on me. It's a little annoying and, no offense, not very cute."

     "Yay!" Layla jumps in the air excitedly, ignoring Jocelyn's comment, and skips the rest of the way to her bus as Jocelyn gets on her own. 

     On the bus ride home, Jocelyn realizes she hasn't stopped thinking about this mysterious guy all day. Layla had never brought him up before now, yet Jocelyn still hasn't stopped thinking about him. She hasn't decided if she actually wants to meet him or not, yet she agreed to go to the mall. The whole thing was stressing her out more than it probably should have, but her mind would not wander off of the subject.

     Her phone buzzes in her backpack, and when she looked at it the light was blinking yellow. Layla was the only person in her phone who's LED blinked yellow when she texted her, so it is clear in Jocelyn's mind who it is. When she brings up the text it's a casual hey, but she knows something is up. Normally her greeting is 'bonjour' or 'hola chica', but never just simply 'hey'.

     Jocelyn decides to ignore the message until later, and the bus stops at her stop soon after the decision was made. She quickly gets off and runs the rest of the way home, throwing bag in the front door of her house and racing to pick up her little sister from the school beside her house. It feels good to finally run, and she loves the breeze in her hair. The fantastic feeling is short-lived, however, because her phone starts repeatedly going off in her back pocket. She answers it after checking who it is. Layla. 


     "Hey. It's Brady."

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