Keyed Together Hated Then Saved

Can 5 Boys forgive people and save the world or is it going to hard that they need help from 5 girls that have went through the same thing they have find out in hated then saved.

Sorry if there is miscorrections in this story I can't help that I'm not good in language arts so don't judge me but I am good at writing story's okay so just bare with me please





Niall ......Niall .......

Hello I said



Yes sweetheart it is me

Listen to me she said

Okay I said

Go back to were I died at the old abandoned house go in there and there is a gold key on the drawer take the gold key and go in front of the fire place and there will be a key hole use the key and open it there will be a beautiful wooden box and a key beside it take both and RUN ....RUN LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER RAN BEFORE AND DON'T LOOK BACK AND I WANT YOU TO TRY OUT FOR THE X-factor then he can't hurt you cause simon will know what to do just don't say anything to him or anyone okay I have to go I love you .... Bye for now Niall I love you

Mom please no don't go please please SHES GONE NOOOOO MOM PLLEEAASSEE I CRY

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