Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


1. Marcel Styles

Name: Marcel Styles
Nickname: Marcy
Age: 17
Status: Unpopular; Nerd
Bully/Bullied: Bullied
Siblings: Gemma, and Harry Styles
Parents: Mother- Anne
Bio: Bullied by Harry friends; Louis, Niall, and Zayn, including Harry. They all hurt him, but it's not the physical pain that hurts the most, nor is it Niall, Liam, or Zayn. It's the fact that it's his BROTHER, who also bullies him, the one who was supposed to stand up to the bullies for him, not be one. Also it was Louis, the one he is or was IN LOVE with, who may not always physically hurt him, but ALWAYS mentally and emotionally torchers him; causing that black hole, in the middle of his chest, that was once filled with a big(kind loving) heart. The only person Marcel is sweet and gentle to now-a-days are 2 girls, one as Harry and his friends' say is his "bodyguard", name Hailey Rose, and her younger sister Brianna. Marcel used to have the biggest heart any girl would wish for in guys, he use to be friends with everyone; in middle school that is. Now nobody, except Hailey and Brianna WANTS to be his friend for him, weather he's a nerd or not. 

Sexuality: Openly Gay

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