Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


12. •9•

(The picture is Lewis)

Liam POV: (The next morning)

        I decided against going back to Harry's, instead to just have a lazy day and think. I used to think Harry's the one i'm in love with, the one for me. I used to feel a spark everytime we'd beat eachother unconscious, even though I was a dim spark it was stil something and I felt it. 

        The thing is, I felt electricity rrun through me when Marcel and I hugged at the café that one day. I'm not denying it anymore, I have feelings for Marcel.
         I can't just go and take him from Louis though, yet I remembr I had Marcel first and Louis snatched him from me, but I'm not like them, I can't steal something or someone from anyone. Not now, Not ever. Well, it's not stealing if Marcel dumped him! 

'But I loved Harry', I thought.

'Looks make you fall, you fell for both of them, you Love both ', the other voice in my head said.

'So I love Harry and Marcel.'

'Look who's using their brain'
, he voice said.

        I'm in love with Marcel but also Harry.  Harry wants Louis, Marcel's gone, Louis wants Marcel, and Harry is going to an Art School in 4 months, we'll never see him again since the school's half way across the world and he said he wasn't coming back. Marcel deserves better.
        I layed back on my couch turning the TV off to rest for a while. I may be in love with Marcel also, but I have always loved Harry. I can't let him go to that school alone.

Looks like I'm going to win Harry's heart.


Marcel's POV:

        I gave the security man my ticket and walked on board of the plane. I can't believe I'm going to America. Alone. I have to do this though. What Louis and Harry did hurt me. 
        Should I really join a gang just because of this? I like my normal self, even though I changed my clothes style doesn't mean I wont wear my glasses sometimes. I may even slick my hair back on occasions.
          I walk to the seat my ticket said I was sitting at, when I got there I saw a guy sitting on the isle seat. Good, I like the window seat. His back was to me, tapping his shoulder I said, "Excuse me? Could you move a little so I could get throu- LOUIS?!"

        He looked at me as confused as I was of seeing him. I quickly got in the window seat, "Louis Tomlinson! What are you doing here? How'd you know I was going to America? Why are yo-" I cut myself off, noticing his tattoos on his upper chest tattoo 'It Is What It Is' was gone. 

        Like it was never put on him. In fact all of his skin that was in my view had no tattoos. Even the bird tattoo that was on his right arm was gone. The first thing that popped him my head was how- cutting my train of thought off the boy talked after finally ending his shocked state for me yelling at him.

         "I'm really sorry love, but I know no Louis. My names Lewis Thomas by the way. Feel free to call me Lou, or Tomy." Holding out his hand, I grab it, shaking it I noticed how small he was compared to me. He looked like the innocent version of Louis. His voice was soft, sweet, and feminine. 

        He looked maybe an inch or two shorter than Louis. and you could tell he had a girl's arse like Louis. Putting on a charming smile I rested my head on my fist, "I'm Marcel Styles. You can call me Marcy, if you'd like. Since your so pretty." smiling as he giggled and blushed I gently grabbed his smaller hand in my large one, continuing, "How about you and I get to know a little about each other, then when the plane lands I take you out to lunch?" 

        Shyly smiling, he nodded. The flushed face boy bit his lip looking away. "I would love to. The last guy who took me out was my ex-boyfriend, but he was abused me, cheated, then left saying something along the lines of, 'Your not worth it anymore, don't expect me to ever come back.'" I stared at him quietly observing him. 

        Caressing his feminine cheek bones I promised, "Lewis, my boyfriend recently cheated on me. Three months after I took his virginity, on our three month anniversary, he cheated with my twin brother. I guess it's because my brother is in a gang,  but oh well. I found someone better, way better." That was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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