Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


11. •8•

Liam POV:

        We watch as Marcel's car disappears down the road, and I know we won't see him for a while. Looking over to see Louis' head burried in Harry's chest, harry rubbing his back, angers me. "OH SO YOU THINK SINCE MARCEL LEFT ALL YOU GUYS CAN DO IS CUDDLE UP TO EACHOTHER?! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!! NO WONDER MARCEL LEFT YOU LOUIS! YOU'RE BASICALLY DATING HARRY, THE FUCKING SNOG TOLD US IT'S TRUE AND YOU ARE!" I yell at them in fury, now there's one thing you should know.

        Louis may have a soft side for Marcel, a big soft side for Marcel. When Marcel's around he's sweet, kind, nice, he's basically a big baby, but... when Marcel isn't around he's mean, an asshole, a jerk to everone, heck he's the complete opposite of Marcel's Louis! So the second I finished yelling at them, Louis' bitchy-asshole side came out, and Harry's... normal(for me) assole side came out, since we're all enemies.

        Louis came up to me and pushed me a little, and said "Who the fuck do you think you are? I went to Harry and hugged him because he's my best friend, and I'm upset! Your the fucker who did that shit to us and then left the gang! You have no clue-", My eyes grew dark and and I calmly cut him off, "You guys don't know crap about me!" at that moment Niall and Zayn arrived keeping quiet like Harry, remembering the last time Louis and I fought it wasn't pretty, which was years ago.

        He chuckled darkly, "'You guys don't know crap about me', we were frie- in the same gang for years Payne, years! And then.. t-then you d-did that to us and left with out a sorry, only to come back to school days later i-ignoring us! Do you know how it feels to be hurt by one of your own bestfriends? To see them laugh at you with you guys enemies? To leave you for popularity? Probably not, huh Liam? Y-yeah well Harry, Niall, Zayn, and I do! Wanna know why we do? 'Cause you did those things to us Liam! But that isn't the worst part! Knowing you smile, Laugh, and are happy without us is! Why?" All the boys look at me wondering the same as Louis, 'why', I sigh knowing it's about time I get the truth out. All of it. 

        "I was forced." I say quietly, "Aaaaand?" Rolling my eyes I continue, "This is was happened the day I did that to you..."

Flashback -

I was walkng to the Styles house, when Zac Efron and Stanley Lucas came up to me. "Ey, Liam! Wuddup buddy?" Zac said acting overly nice, clamping a hand on my upper back.

I looked straight emotionless, "Going to Harry's house." I thought keeping it short and simple would work but sadly not.

        "Why don't you join the populars? I mean, if you left them punks you'd gain more friemds! And I-" I had cut him off a little upset, "No. I'm not leaving my friends behind for popularity and my enemies! Just no." I was so upset they had even thought of saying that to me!

          When they saw I was not giving in they got really mad. "If you don't I'll tell 'em! And I'll ruin Tommo's chances of being with nerdy Styles! Yeah, we know, the populars, about Tommo loving the nerd and you lving his punk brother." You could practically hear the smirk in his voice.I tried playing it cool and saying none of it was true, but he wasn't having it.

        "Lier, Stan and I already know how you and Tommo have heart eyes for the Styles twins. (Hahaha) Your ditching them for us, and now your also gonna help pull an embarrassing prank on them, and your not gonna say anything to 'em 'bout it- no better you'll ignore 'em! GOT IT, and if you don't (hahaha) let's just say the Styles' twins will-I don't know- have a freak accident, by accidently tripping over the clift up on Marcariono (A/N made it up) Mountain! And no one will believe you if you tell them it was me! My dads the sherriff!" He said it with such confidence, I believe what he had said.

        So by the end of the day the whole school had seen you all with you hair gone from the hair remover I replaced the shampoo with, the light pink shirts and hot pink pants I gave you lots instead of you normal clothes and embarrassing photos of when you were younger taped all over school. Zac kept threatening me with the same fucking threat to this day, and I couldn't take any chances, I had to keep them-Marcel and Harry- safe. Even the rest of my gang-you guys-even though Zac and Stanley only said it'd happen to the twins.. I had to protect you all. So I did.

        ~ Flashback Over ~ 

        "I ditched you guys because I had to, not because I wanted to. You may see ways I could have gotten out of it, but no. I had to do it that way. I had to. I just- I couldnt - wouldn't risk it! I'm sorry I hadn't told you before, but that was a rule 'Ignore the Rogue at all times'. Now they aren't the boss of me, and the don't need me the have girlfriends and so they let me come back into you lives. 

        I knew you wouldn't want me to come back, so I became Marcel's friend first as a start, and I was jocking around that day at the Cafe (jeez Tomlnson) I only have eyes for one Styles' twin, and its not Marcel. *cough* Harry..." Looking him directly in the eyes, catching a bit of pink in his flawless cheeks.

        "B-but now that this has happened.." i looked between Louis and Harry, shacking my head alowly and chuckling softly, "I understand, I understand why Marcel left. He washeartbroken, hurt, betrayed, cheated, and pained all at once. Now who knows when he'll be back! And if he does, when he'll or if he'll trust you amd talk to you again. 

        You two should be ashamed od your self! Think of it! Think of what you did today! In just TWO hours, it went from Louis lyng in bed with Marcel and Harry watching football with the boys and I, to Marcel leaving because his so-called-boyfriend's lips were locked with another! Just-just think about this: Was it worth it?" I finished before I turned down the road and left to go home until tomorrow when I sadly have to come back.

 Author's POV:

        The only two things on the four boys minds were: 'He left us to protect us, god we're ass hole idiots', and for Harry was:

                'He loves me?!' 

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