Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


10. •7•

Marcel POV:

        Hailey finally calmed me down after she asked if I was okay, "Yeah." I wipe my eyes and see Liam just going inside to yell at them I quietly follow. "Liam", he turns around when he hears me, "Can I go in first?" he nods and steps aside letting me through, "Hailey go home I don't want you to see him yell at them.. or me yell.. at them" she nods quickly leaving. I slowly reach for the door handle, thinking how not only I'm hurt. Yeah Louis, my boyfriend, the one I'm in love with is snogging someone else, who is my brother. 

        But Liam is also getting hurt by this, he's in love with Harry, and just saw Harry snogging my property. "I'm sorry this is happening to you, also. Liam. I'm going to get away from the pain after we yell at them.... after w-we yell at them, I'm leaving Louis." I see him nod sadly, with a frown- I take a deep breath quickly thinking back to what's happening. Louis' cheating on my with Harry, my own fucking brotherMy sorrow quickly turns to pure fury. 

        I push open the door Liam standing behind me. Louis and Harry break apart wide-eyed, gasping and turning their head's towards Liam, and I. "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU STOP?!-" I yell, causing them to cringe-seeing me yelling this angry being the first time-and walking three steps closer to them,"-IS IT BECAUSE YOU BOTH WEREN'T EXPECTING US BACK YET?! ON OUR ANNIVERSARY LOUIS, REALLY?!?! HOW COULD YOU TWO?!?!?! HAROLD I HAVE PUT UP WITH YOUR GOD DAMN BULLYING ME FOR SINCE YEAR 6, FORGIVING YOU FOR WHAT EVER YOU DID, BUT THIS!!! THIS JUST DID IT! NO MORE TRYING TO SAY SORRY OR ASKING FOR MY DAMN FORGIVENESS THIS TIME, YOU DICKHEAD!!!-" Liam then grabs Harry by thy arm muttering to him, 'we're going out back so I can yell at you', and going through the back door,"-AND YOU LOUIS !!! -" I say like his name is poisonous, walking up and standing directly in front of him causing him to cower back into the sofa with a facial expression mixed with guilt, sorrow, and regret,"-I GAVE YOU A FUCKING CHANCE AND YOU DO THIS TO ME?! Y-YOU K-KISS- NO! SNOG MY BROTHER WHILE I'M GONE!-" he cuts me off quickly. "I didn't try to kiss him he k-kissed m-me first! Please believe me! He told me if I don't make out with him, he'd...!" he trails off while getting up and hugging me, putting his head on chest. Liar. 

        When I'm about to remove him, I feel my shirt getting soaked. I soften and relax a little, realizing I'm scaring him, "Louis? I'm sorry, no one deserves to be screamed at. Forgive me...?" 

        He nods quietly and quickly, "I'm so sorry Marcy! It was a mistake!-" "What would he have done? If you hadn't snogged him? Harry, I mean?" I feel Louis stiffen under me, "H-he um... I can't tell you Marcel. It's not your business, and I hope you'll never know." I pull away from him, and look him in the eyes, "I'm packing my stuff and leaving. I'll be out and gone with in 30 minutes. You lying Louis, you kissed him, he kissed you, does it matter? Either way one kissed back and didn't try stopping the other. One chance. One chance, Louis! Are you telling the truth, id e force you to kiss him?" 

        When Louis shook his head, his face washed with guilt, and pain. My heart felt as if someone squeezing and stabbing it, I felt as if someone had just stolen all my happiness from me. Ignoring Louis I turn and walk upstairs, grabbing the suitcase from under my bed and started packing my things. 

        "Your leaving?" I don't look at him knowing it's Liam I respond quietly, "I told you I was going to leave the pain. All Harry, Louis, and everyone else-except you, Hailey, Brianna, Ms. Rose, and my mum- has ever done Is cause me pain... it was always: 'Bully Marcel', 'Beat up the nerd', 'Call the loser names', 'Tell Marcel, he needs to get out of our lives', and more. I-I'm done, Liam. I'm done. I can't do this anymore, leaving will be good for me. When I'm ready I'll come back. Take care of Louis and Harry for me, okay? Even if I hate them, I love them. Just in two complete different ways. See you later, Liam." 

        Grabbing my suitcase, and the few $900,000's I've been saving up, and head downstairs and out the door. Ignoring Harry and Louis' protests I put my suitcase in the back seat, get in-buckling up- glancing at the three guys I wont see for a while one last time, and start the car, then driving off to somewhere far away from Cheshire. America.

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