Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


9. •6•

• 6 • Marcel POV:
        I woke up with my arms around Louis' slim, curvy, and bare waist- spooning him. I checked the time, 7:43am. Rubbing his lower abdomen lightly more or less trying to wake him, I kissed down his jawline grabbing the shaft of his member stroking it lightly(A/N haha do you guys have a problem with me putting some kinda smut in every chapter? If you do, don't comment). 

         A minute later I heard Louis moaning 'Marrrrcellll', then moving to straddle him I looked in his piercing crystal blue eyes, lust showing in them. "Boo,-" I cooed "Do you forgive me for ditching you to eat lunch with Liam?" He shook his head obviously needing more convincing- apart from last night-"Then I'll use my magicly mouth on Louis Jr. until you forgive me." Seeing his face lighten up and bit his lip, I took that as a signal to start.


        "Marcy"-breath-"I forgive"-breath-"you" Louis said, in return my saying I know, checked the time seeing as it's 8:30am, I got up and went to get dressed, "Boo, I'm planning a surprise so I'll be back in a few hours." "Okay baby" he said sending shivers down my spine.

         Giving him one last kiss I head out, luckily all the boys are already awake, grabbing Liam's arm we go out the door, preparing for the romantic picnic on the beach surrounded but candles date I planned for Louis and my anniversery. I receive a text from Hailey, who Liam has imformed me cheated on my brother- with fucking Justin Bieber. My ex.
 (H= Hailey; M=Marcel)

8:47 am→
Marcel I did something stupid please come over, with icecream and movies! ASAP -H

Whore -M

He told u?! Marcy I didn't do it to hurt u, it was to protect u! -H


He was cheatin on me alrdy! So I got bak @ em! -H

How's tht protecting me? - M

I'm srry, plz 4giv me! Com ovr I'll explain l8tr. -H

Cant. Setting up a special anniversary date 4 Lou. -M

Thot u were @ ur house, but when I got there I saw this threw the window b4 I wlked ↑ da steps. Tht's Y I cheated on him, & who he cheating on me wit! I'm sorry Marcel. x


        I stood there speechless, not knowing what to do. Hailey had to be telling the truth, the pictures of them, are the same xlothes they had on today. I saw Louis put on that shirt! Harry was in that when I came downstairs! Hailey may have done something wrong, but she always does stupid stuff to protect me, and others she loves. 

         "Liam I have to check something at my house c'mon. And be quiet when we get there!" He looks at me unsure,  but agrees. A few minutes later we are at my house, Hailey crouched under the livingroom window. She shushes us and signals us to come over. We do so, and what I  saw made my heart break feel as if I was his sex toyHischeap slutwhore. I thought I was his BOYFRIEND"H-he...Why?! H! Liam! He-And him-why-" 

         Hailey runs over to me-Liam still in shock staring in the window- "Marcy-" "Don't call me that, he called me that." She look at me with simpathy, "Marcel, we're getting back at them! He has no excuse for why they're still kissing! No one accidently kisses for 25 minutes! A full snogging session!" All I did was cry in her arms muttering things like 'I took his virginity', 'I gave him a blow', and 'He said he loves me', even 'I'm a whore. No. His whore'.
        Hailey told Liam to go yell at them and said to me, "Marcel, your better than this! They think since their the bad boys of the school that they can do this behind your back shit. No way! They messed with your heart we mess with their's. Louis is in love with you I can see it, since he broke your heart, we'll break his, by you 'dating' someone else. Same with Liam!" 

         Usually I wouldn't want to break someone's heart or them alone, but Louis Tomlinson and Harold Styles has just broken our hearts so. This morning was the LAST time they'll see nice, happy, goody-two-shoe Marcel Styles. Just because they're in a gang (A/N Harry's gangs name is 'Rogue'), have tattoos all over their body, act big bad and tough, and go to the gym doesn't mean they can't Break me without something in return. I don't see positive from this point on, only negative. 

         If they can be in a gang then I'll own one..... Probably not -_- But Louis will regret this!
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