Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


8. •5•

·:·:·:·Skipping a month·:·:·:·

Harry POV:

        I decided to surprise visit Hailey today, it's our one month anniversary anyways. I bought flowers and chocolates, I don't even know why i'm putting such a big effort into buying her these! 

        All she's been doing is cancelling our dates, leaving early when we spend time together, and always texts on her phone. I knock on her door and her mum answers. "Harry? Why-when... I thought you and Hailey broke up, why are you here?!" Her mum always sounds rude but not intentionally guys.

        "No Ms. Rose we're still happily in a relationship with each other." I say smiling sweetly, "But, she told me..." Ms.Rose trailed off. She looked me, her smile turned into frown. "That little fucking slut!" she muttered, angry, confusing me. I had never seen her so angry at someone and her daughter has been my brothers best friend since year 2. 

        "Harry she may be my daughter but you have permission to call her what she is!" I was even more confused, following her upstairs when she signalled for me to. When she pointed to the door, she handed me the key-must be locked-motioning me to unlock it. I put the candy and chocolate in my left arm, and unlocked the door. 

        When I opened it tiers stung my eyes, a small gasp coming from my mouth causing her to look up, wide eyed mouth gaped. "You slutty fucking whore! Having bloody sex with Justin Beiber of the basketball team!.. Bitch don't call or text me it's over, easy much!?!"
        Her mum was right.


Marcel POV:

        I was walking with Liam-sorry Harry, Louis, Niall, & Zayn- to Nandos, to talk. Once we got there we dat down and the waiter came. She said in an energetic and nice voice "Hello, what can I get you bo- Marcy?!" my eyes widened, "Bri, you work here? Oh we'd like Pepsi's please!" She smiled and said "okay , and i wish i could talk but it's a bussy day." 

        After she Liam took a deep breath, "Marcel please help me get your brother to be mine, I know them and I 'hate' each other but I have been in love with him since I first met him years ago!" He said quickly, leaving me excited and only slightly shock I saw it coming. "Okay, I knew you'd admit it sooner or later, so here's what you have to do to win my brother's heart..."      

        As we were going back to my house Liam and i talked about nothing. When we got there I opened the door, "Marcel! Why the hell we're you out with LIAM eating lunch when you have a BOYFRIEND here!?" I just smiled at Harry and the guys, turning to Liam i nodded, 'Jealous much' i mouthed to him. "Sit,"

        I told him, going over to the couch Louis sat on I grabbed his arm dragging him upstairs while yelling a 'Have fun guys' to the others knowing there's tension. I'm quite evil, but they need to make up. 

        Once I locked my bedroom door I pinned Louis up against the door, he wiggled trying to get out of my grib causing my large hands to go to his waist. "Let go of me Marcel! Let fucking go! Go back to you new boyfriend, I'm not your damn sex toy! Or your slut!" Louis start "hitting" my chest, I can't believe I-Marcel 'The Once Nerd' Styles- caused Louis 'The Popular bad boy' Tomlinson to feel like a... cheap slut! Oh god. I snapped out of it by hearing weeping and the hits getting softer. "L-let-t m-e g-g-go-o-o, M-" I cut him off with a soft kiss, "Louis. Baby, I was only talking with Liam about his secret. He loves for Harry. I thought I showed you how much I loved you, when we made love!" "I-i'm sorr-ry Ma-Marc-cy. You must hate me for j-jump to c-c-conclusions." I hugged him tightly, sliding each of my hands on his bum squeezing it softly, "EEK!! Mmm... Marccccyy!" I smiled, and started kissing down his warm neck humming. "Louis-I-gonna-make-love-so-good to you-tonight-" I said in between kisses, my hands still on his bum pulling him against me more grinding slowly and kissing him passionately, "You'll trust me for now on, baby.... Would you trust me if we made that love? Baby?" He nodded and pulled me by the neck kissing me, pulling me to the bed.

        We made the rest of the night midnight memories, and pure blissful love...

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