Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


7. •4•

(Marcel's POV unless told otherwise for now on)

       "Marcel we need to talk"- I cut him off, "If I don't want to?" he smiles "Too bad" I go and sit on the couch, Harry sits on the loveseat across from me, and Louis sits nest to me, to were our arms are touching. "What do you want, Harry" I get cut off by surprisingly not Harry, but Louis, saying something i would have never thought would come out of his mouth, as he grabs my hand, and said five magic word; music to my ears.

"Marcel, I'm in love with you"

        I look at Louis in complete shock. I feel all these different emotions, not knowing what to feel, I look at Harry, "This is the crap you wanted to talk to me about, Harry?" I say with no emotion, he nods, probably expecting me to answer. I sigh and look at Louis, "What do you want me to say, Louis? That I feel the same? Let's go out, I will cancel with Liam? Want to be my boyfriend? Oh, how about this: 'Louis i'll suddenly forget about the shit you put me through in the last few years, just because you finally decided to admit your feeling, even though Liam Payne, an attractive, nice guy wasn't afraid to tell me his feelings the first time he ever talk to me,' is that what you want? Well, I'm sorry Louis, I can't just forgive and forget that easily. The old Marcel Styles would have been able 'forgive and forget', but I'm not the old Marcel Styles anymore... You all killed him, he's not with us, I'm going out with Liam tomorrow, and that's final." 

        With that I turn around to walk upstairs, but Louis grabs my arm- I know it's him because Harry is standing by the door still- and turns me around, "P-please M-marcel, just g-give me a c-ch-chan-ce," Louis says while sobbing, as much as a want to give him a chance I cant. If the person you loved treated you like shit for years, then suddenly wanted you, right after, might I add, the fittest and strongest guy in school asks you to be his, would who would you go for the one who made you feel like shit or what? Sounds like jealousy, right? Maybe thought i didn't feel the same, and got upset, i know i'd do the same! 'I think i love louis though' i thought. "D-d-do y-y-you r-really t-th-thi-nk th-that, Marcy?" Louis chokes out, looking at me like he won the lottery. I look at Louis for a few more moments, then turn to Harry, "I better not regret this you dick," Harry looks at me confused. I run to the door- pushing Harry out of the way- and yell out to Liam to come back. He turned around. "Marcel? I was going to leave, but wanted to go through my contacts to find your number and text you first... you don't look sick," he says while looking at me up and down. "About that..."


        I walk back inside after Liam left, seeing Harry sitting on the couch with a sobbing Louis. It broke my heart to see the man I'm inlove with so heartbroken, he probably thinks I went on the date with Liam, i'm fixing this right now. I shut the door so they know I'm back, Louis and Harry heads snap up eyes wide. "You didn't go with Liam," Harry stated confused, I grab Harry's phone from beside him and text Niall and Zayn, "Go hang out with Zayn and  Niall, at Zayn's house... Don't ome back until morning, Louis and I are going talk" I say with a serious expression, after Niall texts backs saying Zayn's in the shower, and to come over anytime. Harry look even more confused, but leaves anyways, shutting the door behind him, saying he has clothes at Zayn's. After Harry was out the door, I turn to Louis to, who is still sobbing, mumbling quietly, "I love you, Marcel. Please believe me,"over and over again, crying like there's no tomorrow. "You do love me," I stated, seeing in his eyes he wasn't lying, but telling the truth 100%.

(The following is  SMUT so if you don't like skip, until it says in bold 'SMUT OVER')

        Louis looks at me mumbling the same thing, and nods, he wasn't lying then I'll show him how he hurt me, but also the love I have for him that he deserves. "Louis come with me to my room," with that we head up stairs. When we're in my room I tell him to shut and lock the door, don't want my mum walking in, he does so, still crying and confused, by now I know Louis needs to be shown love, because he's more vulnerable than he looks. I tell him to sit down on my bed, (A/N Marcel is NOT virgins FYI and the guys know) when he sits down I go up to him and straddle him, 'oof' he falls on his back wide eyes tears slowing down. "Louis, be mine" I say, he nods quickly giving me a watery smile, "I'm going to show you the love you deserve, okay?" "Y-ye-ss" I put my finger to his lips, "Ssh, baby don't say anything let me show you the love you deserve" this time he only nods, looking at my lips.
        I lean down and press a soft, yet passionate kiss to his lips, he wraps his arms around ny neck tangling his fingers in my curls. My hands slowly rubbing his curvy hips, causing a moan to escape his lips, 'Mmmfph' that was the sexiest things I have ever heard. I moved my hands to his pants zipper, unzipping them and pulling them down, still kissing him I pull his boxers down, his erection, pulling away from the kiss I see him blushing crimson. "Can I?" He shyly nods, turning redder if possible, I move down to his hard-on throbbing lying on his stomach, "So beautiful, Lou" that only makes him redder, I take the tip of him member and kiss it, "Mmmfph M-marc-cy" I feel myself get hard from that. I take him whole, causing him to grip my hair, I swirl my tongue around his head sucking hard, bobbing my head up and down fast, "Oi, MARCY! Mmm... So c-clos-" I stop to tell him, "Come on baby cum for me, I want to taste you," I say getting back to work and rubbing his bear thighs with my thumbs. Louis releases in my mouth. 

        I swallow, and grab the lube under my bed coating my fingers, putting one near Louis' hole, "If it hurts, tell me to stop" I say to Louis, inserting one finger all the way, letting him get use to it. (A/N Louis has always loved Marcel, so he never had a relationship to lose his virginity in. Marcel lost his to some ex who won't be in the story aka Justin Bieber) I add another, then a third when he gets use to the second. When he's ready I kiss him, "Louis you need to tell me if i'm hurting you okay" I say stictly, "Mmm... Y-yes M-marc-cy-y, ooooh, just put it in my! I wanna feel you inside me, no condom," with that I peck his lips one last time and coat myself with lube, and i line myself up to his hole, "I love you" Louis' eyes water, and he smiles, "I love you too, Marcy" he says shyly, and pecks me, "I'm ready Marcy, your going to be my first y'know" I chuckle, "I figured, boo, you never had a relationship before. That's why I'm having this slow, I want it to be special for you, now ssh." I say slowly going to his neck finding his sweet spot, he moaned and I started sucking the spot, while doing that I slowly put my length in, stopping so he can get use to it, "Marc-cy, g-go-" "Sssh" I says quietly licking, then kissing the marked spot, moving to another. I put my full length in him, rubbing his hips, then arse, "Oi.. love you feeling my bum," he moves a little signalling he's ready, I start going pushing in and out, causing his te a moaning mess, under me. The room is filled with our moans, "M-mar-cy i-i.... c-cu-m" "Ssh me too... on three. One. Two." I kiss him, while his fingers run through my curls. "Three." We come together, and share a sweet kiss.


        We lay down, me spooning him, naked under the covers, him tracing circles in my arm, both of us panting. We stay in a silence for a few minutes, "Thank you for forgiving me, Marcy," he says, "Of course boo... I forgive, and you have my trust... you always had it," I says quietly, hugging tightly, he turned around and put his face in my chest, "Thank you for being my first.... everything, I'm so in love with you." I smile, "No thank you for letting me be," then kiss him on his temple, telling him to sleep, since it's Sunday and tomorrows a holiday. I am also planing a surprise date for tomorrow. I then say the six magic words; I know he's been longing hear. Not 'i love you, but:

"Boo, i'm inlove with you too."

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