Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


5. •2•

[Marcel's voice is deep also; Hailey wont be here much longer]

Marcel POV:

        I walk back to the table and gave everyone their drinks including, Hailey and I our pepsi's. "Thanks, oh and Harry you can thank Marcy, pick me up at 9 tonight. Bye guys! Love you Marcy" Hailey hugged me, wave to the guys and kiss Harry's cheek, 'he's blushing?'.          
Um... Would you like anything to eat?" Surprisingly, Louis answered, "Harry, and Zayn will have steak, Niall will have steak, eggs, chicken, and toast, and i'll have a salad, and some fish, please." he said with a really shy smile, 'Shy?', "O-okay. Your food will be here shortly", I to turn to go back to the register when I felt a hand grad my wrist, "Marcel?" I turned and saw it was Louis, I gave him a polite smile, "Yes, Louis?" he flushed, and said, "I-I am really sorry for all the crap we put you through, since middle school, please forgive me?" I looked at him in thought, I don't know if I could trust him, then he quickly added, "You don't have to trust me! All I need to know is you forgive me, and I am willing to let me gain back your trust. Whether it takes a month, 10 years, or the rest of my life, I am willing to gain your trust back! What do you say?" My eyes started to water, "I-I-" 

         "Marcel Styles?!" I looked at the guys, and saw a flash of anger in all the guys eyes, and fury in Louis', I turned to the left and saw Liam Payne, the school's strongest jock, standing there smiling at me. I blushed, like I do to everyone, and smiled at him, "Hi Liam, do you need something?" he came closer and had on a charming grin, "You're free tonight, am I correct?" I nodded, "Would you like to go out?" I nodded with some hesitation, "Wh-" Liam cut me off, and rubbed my arm, my eyes widened, and I'm sure I turned crimson, "You into me, right Marcy?" I nodded again, lying a bit, "Go out on a date with me, please?" I tried to turned to the boys, but Liam grabbed my chin gently, "Marcel" he said softly, " You don't have to ask Harry for permission to go on a date with me." 'Harry!!' I took a deep breath, and look Liam in the eyes, "I can't Liam... Why do you want to go on a date withme?", I asked with sorrow. "Who wouldn't, your amazing" I took one glance at the guys; Zayn and Niall glaring at Liam and two of his mates, Harry shaking his head at me, mouthing a stern, 'no', glaring along with Louis, at Liam and his mates. "Okay, lets go now-" I get cut off by Harry, saying in a stern voice, "Marcel Styles, you are NOT going on a date with Liam, or even talking to him." 

hey all suddenly stop dead on their track, by Liam's voice, "Marcel, give me a chance. A chance to l-love you. To show you I'd never hurt you!..." Speechless I stare at him, "Let me show you I wont be a betray to you like Zayn, who told you to die in front of the whole school-" I looked to my right, Zayn was looking at the table with guilt in his face, "- Harry, you own brother, Marcel. The one who's suppose to protect you, not hurt you. Say 'I love you' , not 'I hate you'. Be proud to call you his brother, not ashamed to, and who should accept you, not tell you and everyone else your disgusting-" 

         I see, Harry with tears beginning to form, "- and Louis... Marcel, the guy never even noticed you, unless it was to say some shit-ass comment to you, he would never show you the love I can show you, Marcel. He..." I feel tears starting to stream down my face, "He never even knew you loved him since- him, and Harry became mates!" My eyes widen, and I hear the guys gasp, and Liam continues, "J-just- I never talked to you because I was shy. Please go out with me?" I'm crying, tears streaming down my face. "Okay!" I smile, and Liam wipes my eyes with his thumbs.

      "I wont let you down, Marcel. I'll pick you up at 10, bye." I waved at him, when he was out the door, I clear me throat and turn to Harry and his mates, all I say was, "I'm tired of putting up with your crap for the last few years, and I can go out with Liam if I want, so Au revoir." I then turn, walk out the door and head home to get ready for tonight.

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