Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


16. •13•

'Biting his lip, blushing, Louis starts say, "Marcy, I'm far from beautifu-" "Your more beautiful than anyone I know, Louis. You define beauty. You make Flower fields and model's look ugly. Your addictive voice, your pretty curves, and you crystal clear blue eyes, with that little amount of green around the pupil. Your so beautiful, It should be illegal."

     Laughing, blushing crimson, and smiling very widely, making himself look innocent as ever, Louis pecks my lips once more. "Marcy, I love you so much. Let's go back to your house. Who knows what Lirry's doing. I caught them snogging earlier." As I bark out a laugh, Louis intertwines our hands, grabbing my right bicep with his right hand, leaning towards me.

     God I love this boy'

Marcel POV:

    Louis and i got to Harry and my house to witness Lirry in the moment, if you cetch my drift.  covering Louis' eyes i lead him upsteair to my room, knowing the two downstairs are oblivious to our pressence.

     I really don't k ow want to say or do. i think I want to marry him, but wouldn't that be to sudden? i think i'll wait. We have known eachother for years, though not being together, so i think that counts for something. i Look at Louis, noticing he is still standing along with me. "Louis, i know we haven't been together that long, and that we just got back together, but would you ever consider marriage between us?" 

     Shock. That is all that is on his face, next i see pure excitement and happiness. "You thought about marrying me? You want to marry me someday? Oh- um - yes i wouldconsider it and day." Hearing those words and watching him blush is the cutest thing i whave ever witnessed. I wrap my armsaround him, before kissing him passionately. 

     "Good, because for future notice i will need that assurance. It would be awkward popping the question in a few years and you saying no." I joke, causing Louis and myself to laugh. Seriously though, I love you, and of course i have thought and i do want it someday."

     Hearing this Louis blushed, getting out of my grip and going over to my bed. He is so adorable and he doesn't even know. I mean, if he were a world wide famous singer, then i am quite positive he would have girls on cloud nine because of him and well him.

     I take notice Louis' weak side comes out when he's around be, and by now i have found out i am the dominate one in our relationship, it's not a bad thing, he's perfect and his feminine features and behaviors fit his position in this relationship. I stare at him a bit more noting that he blushes madly when I even look at him, i love that i have that effect on him.

        "Marcy, stop staring and come cuddle with me and watch romantic movies!" obligating and muttering 'so feminine like, perfect' under my breath, whilst causing him to pout, going over to my bed and wrapping my arm around his small curvy waist, he snuggles in my chest. "I'm not feminine-like, Marcy!" hearing that come out of his mouth I chuckle a bit.

        "Boo, everything about you is feminine-like. You go all soft and weak when your around me, but it's okay I like that side of you. It's adorable and sexy. Besides babe, It shows who's the dominate one in this relationship." I finish, causing him to hum in agreement about what I said. Smiling at the boy holding, I kiss his lips softly, while rubbing his waist and lower back. Then I remove my mouth from his, going to his sweet spot on his neck, "I have to re-mark what is mine baby." with that I get to work on what is rightfully mine, hearing pretty little moans come from the beauty under me.


Harry POV:

        Breathing heavily, both Liam and I lie next to one another covered in his cum. Yes, I topped. I get up, causing Liam to sit up a little to fast, because he groans. Rolling my eyes, "What are you doing, love?" The hottest thing ever happens, he blushes.

        "Um, I-I was just going to a-ask, wh-ere yo-our going?" He replies stuttering, and rubbing his bum. Smirking, I continue walking to the kitchen, "I'm going to making my wonderful boyfriend lunch, then I'm going to cuddle with him for the rest of the day. I walk into the kitchen preparing grilled cheese. 

        After I'm done with it, I hear moans from upstairs. Marcel has changed so much since that day in the café. Hailey doesn't even come around anymore, and Niall and Zayn usually hang out with each other. I heard Hailey and Niall, became Niley. Marcel has his grades at A's, but he isn't that scared individual he was before. I'm proud, yeah I'm still mad at myself for bullying him, but he forgave us when he got Louis.

        I walk into the living room, seeing Liam watching SpongeBob, giving him the grilled cheese. When Liam starts eating I sit down, pulling him into my lap. "Styles, you better not get hard from this! We haven't even put clothes on yet!" I wrap my arms around him kissing his shoulder.

        "Watch your show." We watch SpongeBob for another 30 minutes, me mostly debating on saying it or not. After the shows over Sam and Cat comes on. I look at Liam, seeing him laugh at something that happens on the show. When he notices me watching him, "What? Why are you staring at me like that? Is something wrong?!", my response is simple and I'm glad I said it first, and he doesn't have to say it back yet, but I know he feels the same, by the smile that appears on hi face. I smile kissing hi cheek, looking into his eyes, so he knows I'm being passionate and telling the complete truth saying this.

        "I love you, Liam."

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