Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


15. •12•

Liam POV:

     I knocked on Harry's door, today I'm telling Harry about my feelings. I figured I don't want to lose him before I even got a chance to have him. I know he is at least Bi, considering he kissed Louis.

     The door opened revealing Harry: hair sticking out in places, shirtless, and looking tired. "Hey Liam, would you like to come in?" he said stretching, smiling a little revealing some dimples.

      I looked at him, standing up straight, "No, this should be quick. Harry, I have known you for years. -" "Liam, I don't want a speech." I blush a little, noticing I was about to give a speech. "Sorry, Harry basically When I look into your eyes, I see life. When I hear your laugh, I feel happiness. When I see your smile, I see Kindness. But most importantly when I look at you, I see beauty. Harry I love,-" I'm cut off by a pair of plump, soft, warm lips. I instantly kiss back, happy.

      Pulling back, I'm shock. I just fucking kissed Harry Styles. "Love, you talk way to much. Now... Be mine?" Instead of answering I put my lips back on his, muttering a quiet, 'Cliché, much' causing him to laugh.

     "HARRY I'M GOING FOR A WALK!" "OKAY, BYE" My life is just perfect right now. 


Lewis POV:

     Marcel loves Louis. That's all I know, I could see it when he would awkwardly talk about him, also when he saw Louis yesterday. Truth be told, I'm not jealous at all. I'm happy, it was easier to break it off.

     I do love him, but I'm not in love with him. I haven't found my love yet, but I know it isn't Marcel. I can't keep him from getting his real love anyways.

     That is why I'm packing up to go back home. I feel as if this is a story, but not one I am suppose to be in, nor an I meant to be in it. Marcel when out for a walk, leaving me time to pack. I finish packing my things, and put them into the taxi that was patently waiting for me. Good Luck Larcel. With that I get in the taxi smiling.


Marcel POV:

     I was walking to Harry and my house to go see Louis. Lewis broke up with me because he says I'm still in love with Louis. That's true, I am so in love with Louis I have this huge ache in my chest even thinking about him being with another. It upsets me even knowing his lips have touched another.

     As I'm walking I bump into someone smaller than me. Petite, and girly is all I know. Hearing a squeal as they fall, I catch them. "Oops!" "H-hi" I hear a feminine voice say, opening their beautiful crystal clear eyes. Louis swallows hard before he says. "I will wait for you, because I love you, M-marcy-" Cutting him off I saw, "I love you too, boo. Lewis showed me that I don't love him, nor did I stay with him. So... Will you, Louis 'Boobear' Tomlinson, be mine again?"

     He looks into my eyes again, blushing madly, and smiling that cute little smile he always has. "Marcel, I have always been yours. And I always will be." I smile kissing him passionately before saying, "The same goes for me, beautiful."

     Biting his lip, blushing, Louis starts say, "Marcy, I'm far from beautifu-" "Your more beautiful than anyone I know, Louis. You define beauty. You make Flower fields and model's look ugly. Your addictive voice, your pretty curves, and you crystal clear blue eyes, with that little amount of green around the pupil. Your so beautiful, It should be illegal."

     Laughing, blushing crimson, and smiling very widely, making himself look innocent as ever, Louis pecks my lips once more. "Marcy, I love you so much. Let's go back to your house. Who knows what Lirry's doing. I caught them snogging earlier." As I bark out a laugh, Louis intertwines our hands, grabbing my right bicep with his right hand, leaning towards me.

     God I love this boy.

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