Loving Him

arcel has to pick from two guys,
flowerchild or punk.
He wants him. He loves him.
It's all about him, no matter who he's with. that's what the stories about...

Loving Him..
[CAUTION: Mature; PG 13]

©2013 HaileyroseStylinson


4. •1•

Marcel POV:

     I was just sitting behind the register, in the Café I work at after school, thinking about the one boy in my school who has yet, be anything other than an ass to me. Louis 'Tommo' Tomlinson. I mean who wouldn't love his feathery chestnut hair, pink plump lips- that look soft enough to kiss, ocean blue eyes- that could star into your soul, big bum that make you want to faint, or that small feminine-like body, with those abs- that i'm currently gawking at, he and his friends hangout here everyday, with other populars at school. "Ahaha! Um- Marcy?.... You-uh- your drooling! hehe again." I hear my friend Hailey say, who's an employee here also, say to me, while I was daydreaming. "Huh?" I reach my hand up, now looking her, and indeed find that I was drooling over him, "Um... I need that, please?" I ask, taking the napkin from her.

Hailey looks at me knowingly "Marcy, I love you and all, but why Louis 'dickface' Tomlinson?" I stopped looking at Louis- who turned towards me- to look at Hailey, "H, if you have a problem with me loving you-know-who, then say something." Hailey looked at me like I had three heads and said, "No! no, no, no. Marcy, how could you say that! I have no problems!" then comes and hugs me, her head right under my fitting right under my chin. I rest my head on hers wrapping my arms around her waste, "Why do they hate me"- my eyes begin to water-"even my own brother b-bullies me!" my eyes grew wide and I unwrapped my arm from around her instantly getting scared. " h-he... WHAT!? THAT BITCH HURTS YOU TO?! WHEN? WHERE?! NO! I'll go ask, and DON'T try and stop me! AND! Your coming!" we walks over to their table, to talk to them-more like her- and to take their orders. Oh. God. I'm going to get beat twice as hard because of her, but she's just trying to protect me, so I don't mind. We get to the table, and they all look up.

Hailey's POV:

       We walk up to the table, Marcel's being quiet and shy. Probably because Louis' at the table. I'm not going to say anything, but I AM going to Make Harry a little jelly! He deserves it for bullying Marcy! I know he likes me a little, but not like that,  so i'll make him jealous.  I smile, and take out my note pad and pin, "Hey guys you all know me, Hailey! And the most amazing person to die for! Marcy!" I say with excitement and I big smile, " So, can I get you boys any drinks?" Niall answered- like always, "Zayn, and I will have coke.. Uh, Harry and Louis will have Pepsi, thanks." Niall says showing his adorable white braces, I turn and hug Marcel and look up at him, with puppy eyes. "Marcy? Can you go get 2 cokes and 4 pepsi's?... Pleeease?" 

        He looks at me and nods, turning around to go get them. I turn and talk to each boy individually, "Zaynie?" he looks up at me with a curious expression, "Bring Waliyha, today! Bri wanted to hang out with her." He nods, and I turn to the next guy, "Niiiaaalllll, Louis, and Hazza better help you pick something nice to wear tonight! 'Cause Zayn's hanging with Perrie tonight",  Louis, Niall, and Harry all look at me confused. "So... Nialler?" He smiles, telling me to go on. "Can you take me to the movies tonight?" 

        I smile as  his eyes light up, but it falls a little as I see Harry glare at him, 'Jealous much? hehe', "Why me?" I turn to Louis real quick smile and say, "You are not going to be an dick to Marcy anymore" he frowns, "Who said i'd listen to you?" I just smile and say, "Boobear? You lost his trust, but you can gain it back. You turned his chest into a black hole, but you can get his heart back. All you have to do is try. 

        Do it before you lose him forever." I then turn back to Niall and wait for his reply, "I don't think I can, sorry Hailey." I just smile, sit next to Harry, and gave him puppy eyes, "You were my first choice, Marcel wanted me to ask you. I don't know why, and I was just going as friends with Niall, but if your busy I could just beg Marcel"- he quickly cut me off- "No! i'd love to, Hailey." he says giving me a warm, and happy smile. 

        Marcel came back and game everyone their drinks including me and him our pepsi's. "Thanks, oh and Harry you can thank Marcy, pick me up at 9 tonight. Bye guys! Love you, Marcy" I hug Marcel, wave to the guys and kiss Harry's cheek causing him to blush. God, he's cute.

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