cross country >> luke hemmings

>> i met him running past him << i own everything except anything corresponding to five seconds of summer.


1. >> prolouge <<

Waking up at 6:30 in the morning wasn’t on most people’s minds. It was on mine. Coach said bus leaves at 7:30 sharp. I had learnt the hard way not getting there on time. My bag was packed the night before, making sure I didn’t forget socks, like I always did. Today was the big meet, nearly 400 people were going to be there. As I hopped on the bus, all I thought about was running my best and not letting anything distract me. [okay so this is the prologue and i think it sucked butt, um, yeah. if you like it though, just comment, favorite, and subscribe to me? yeah, i guess] &gt;&gt; book coming whenever stores allow it :P &lt;&lt;
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