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3. >> chapter two: mickey d's <<

    It was tradition to go to McDonald’s after the Wautoma Invitational every year. We were the first school to get their this crisp fall evening. Even though we were the first school to get there, it was packed. All forty-six of us were cramming into the small entryway.

    “Remember pecking order!” Claire shouted. Pecking order was simple: oldest grade to youngest. Which meant twelfth grade got to eat first. I was in eleventh, which meant I had to wait. It was okay though, because I had no clue what I wanted.

    While I was still in picking what I wanted, a bus rolled up. All it said on the outside of ‘Quarter Lines’. So, I had no idea what school it was. Then, a bright red uniform appeared walking down the stairs of the bus. Westfield. Finally, I see Luke.

    Even from a distance he looks like a skyscraper, knowing I’m considered a dwarf with long legs at my school. Unlike us, they walk separately, not waiting for the whole team. My eyes are on the door, waiting for him to walk in.

    “Excuse me, ma’am. What would you like to order?” a middle-aged woman asks from behind the counter. The faze goes away, and I order. She gives me a number. Since I already knew the inside was packed, I ventured outside for a table.

    A few minutes later, surprisingly, my number was called from the speakers outside. I grabbed my food, filled my soda cup up and went to sit back down at my table. Instead of it being empty, a certain Westfield runner was occupying it.

    “Well, we meet again Indie,” Luke says with a smirk painted across his face.

    “I can’t exactly say I’m excited about it, Hemmings,” I call back.

His eyes light up a bit as I sit down, “So now we’re at last name basis, Morgan?”

All I do is roll my eyes as I take a bite of my Mac. Soon, his number is called and leaves. He only took about five seconds until he was back to pester me.

“Let’s play twenty questions,” he commanded.

I smiled, “Do I have a choice?”

“No. I’m going first. What is your full name?”

“Indie Aurora Morgan. What’s yours?”

“Cute name, Sleeping Beauty. Luke Robert Hemmings.”

“I thought it was Lucas, and I most definitely not Sleeping Beauty,” I said pointing at him.

“No Lucas in my name, and why wouldn’t you be Sleeping Beauty. Just dye your hair blonde and wear frilly pink dresses.”

“I certainly do not want my hair blonde nor wear pink frilly dresses.”

His lips turn into a pout, “What’s wrong with blonde, my hair is.”

“I think I’ll stick with the orange.”

“Then be Ariel instead, you know, the mermaid in love a human.”

I scratched my neck, “With a tail, how would I run? Plus, I have orange hair, not red.”

A scowl was on his face now, “Fine. Don’t be a princess at all.”

“Good idea, i’ll stick with sweating while sprinting to the chute.”

Luke smiled, then shoved his face with his own food. We had been talking for an half an hour so far. Basically arguing of which princess I should be. Like I’d ever be royalty. Maybe a royal runner, if that was a thing.

“Hey, Indie. I, um, gotta go,” Luke started, “here’s my number. Let’s text sometime.”

I smiled up to him, “Goodbye, Lucas. It was nice running next to you.”

“Yeah, it was nice running past you.”

Now, a pout was scribbled across my face, like a kid who didn’t get their cookie. “I’ll get you someday, Westfield. Maybe I just let you actually beat us this time.”

“Sure, Mauston. I’ll take that as a answer, as how I beat your butt.”

His smile was contagious, because it came across my lips as he was walking away. I waved, and so did he. Like a crazy idiot he was, he puckered his lips into a duck face and made a peace sign. My laugh echoed outside.

“See you later, loser!” I shout as Luke gets on the bus. He turns as he was getting on the bus and gives me the finger, which makes me laugh even harder.

I throw my stuff away, and hop on my bus. Just thinking about Luke and his crazy mind.


>> I'm sorry this is a bit shorter than last chapter. I just can't write long chapter for some reason. anyways, favorite, comment, like, and subscribe to me if you're even liking this. hopefully next chapter I will find someone to play Indie Aurora Morgan. dude, I wish that was my name. [have any suggestions for Indie PLEASE TELL ME] <<

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