Dexter's Daughter

My name is Alexia Amanda Morgan. My father is Dexter Morgan. I have a secret that can never be found out about. (Dexter and X-men Crossover)


2. Two

(Bayville, New York. X-mansion Labs, Third Person POV)

Beast stared at the data that was coming in from these blood samples that had just arrived from Miami, Florida. A young Florida native named Lexi had some how contacted Professor Xavier and asked for these samples the be retested. Of course the good professor had said yes to Lexi. As the last of the data passed through the main frame, Beast sighed.

"What's got ya down, Bub," Beast's friend, teammate and fellow mutant, Logan Howlett asks.

"These are blood samples from a mutant named Lexi, who resides in Miami, Florida. This is also the third set of samples she's sent in two months," Beast replies.

"So what's wrong with that," Logan questions once more, turning a desk chair around and sitting in it backwards. Beast sighed again, knowing that even though sometimes Logan could be a pain in the ass, he was helpful. Not even mere minutes later, Rogue walked in, singing the newest Jason Aldean song.

"That's the only way I know. Don't stop 'til everythings gone, straight ahead, never turn around. Don't back up, don't back down. Full throttle, wide open, you get tired and you don't show it. Dig a little deeper when you think you can't dig no more. That's the only way I know," Rogue belted out as loud as she could, causing Logan to cover his highly sensitive ears.

"Rogue," Logan says in a sharp, yet calm voice.

As 1994 by Jason Aldean began playing, Rogue took her right earbud out. Logan and Beast gave her quizzical looks, which surprised her even more.

"Yeah, Logan," she says, her thick Cajun accent rearing its head.

"Just tone it down a bit," Logan warns. 

Beast and Logan shook their heads as Rogue walked back up the stairs as Logan's twin children walked down. Dallas and Brittney looked from their father then to Beast and back to their father. 

"Dallas, Brittney," Logan says with a sharp nod.

"Hey Dad," Brittney and Dallas reply.

There's a few moments of awkward silence as everything slows to a halt. Logan and Beast are now hell bent on looking at Lexi's data. Brittney and Dallas just look at each other.

Dad and Beast are acting weird, Dallas thinks to his sister through their mind link.

Yeah, who's this Lexi chick, Brittney replies, looking at her black painted finger nails with an intricate red, orange and yellow flame pattern on both of her thumbs.

Could it be because of that new mutant hit that Chuck got from Cerebro, Dallas questions.

Possibly, Dallas, but what are her powers,  Brittney responds once more.

"Buck, Dallas," Logan snaps, calling Brittney by her nick name.

"Yes, Dad," Dallas and Brittney say at the same time.

Logan looks at his son and daughter, then to Beast. Beast  in turn looks at Logan.

"Kids," Logan begins to say,"you two are going on a recon mission to Miami. As you can see, Beast has received some data from a Miami local named Lexi Morgan. She nor us know the extant of her abilities. Neither does her father or aunt.".

Dallas and Brittney nod, their icy blue eyes meeting Logan's brown ones. 

"She's older than you and so far stronger than you," Beast remarks as he stands up, almost knocking over some books and a copied report that Lexi had sent with these samples.

"How much older is she," Dallas remarks, smirking which causes Brittney to laugh.

"She's twenty eight," Logan replies, not amused by his son's antics.

Dallas's jaw nearly hit the floor when he hears that. Dallas shook his head in disbelief, for he was only nineteen. The same went for Brittney. How were they, Wolverine's twin 'menaces', supposed to compete with someone nine years older than them.

"Dad, how are we to proceed with this," Brittney asks, hearing her brother's thought that asked the same question.

"Get down there and make friends with her," Logan states before nodding to Beast.

Brittney and Dallas nod, both heading back up the stairs to pack for this new adventure.

"I pray that this Lexi person doesn't tear them limb from limb," Beast says, turning to face Logan.

"I do too, Hank.".


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