Dexter's Daughter

My name is Alexia Amanda Morgan. My father is Dexter Morgan. I have a secret that can never be found out about. (Dexter and X-men Crossover)


3. Three

 I laid across the full sized bed in my room above the garage, my head reeling from what's gone down so far in the case. First Tally and now Brice, my only two real friends murdered in cold blood. 

"Lexi," Astor calls from my door. 

"Harrison won't take a nap?". 

She nods, but I'm beside her in a flash, sniffing her clothes. 

"I will tell aunt Debra," I growl lowly. 

"She does it too," Astor growls back. 

"She's an adult, much older than you," I hiss. Astor begins to open her mouth, but immediately shuts it when she sees the seriousness in my eyes. 

As we're heading back to the main house, she asks, "What happened to your leg, Lexi?". 

"Just an accident at work," I reply, briefly pausing to look at the jagged cut and stitches. Astor and I continue walking, my mind on the case and the two recent victims. Once we're inside the main house I put Harrison to bed after fixing dinner, then I sit on the couch in the living room.

Cody walks over to me with his English and social studies homework, a look of exhaustion on his face.  I give him a small smile as I remember both my geneaolgy work and criminal justice work. 

"Lexi, can you help me," Cody asks.


A few hours later I'm back up in my garage room working on the last bit of my homework. Once I'm done I hit the case file again, trying to see if I missed something. As I get half way through the file I hear a knock at my door. Sighing in frustration I put the file up and head over to the door.

"Who is it," I call, unlocking the door.

"It's me, Lexi," a small voice calls back from the other side.

"Cecilia, come in," I say opening the door, then holding my right hand out for her to take.

"Thanks, Lexi," she says with a smile.

I help her walk over to my desk chair, then I help her sit down. She gives me another smile. 

"So, what's on the agenda today, Boss," she asks.

"I'm trying to find another lead on the River Killer," I say cringing at the name Lt. LaGuerta and the others have come up with.

"It was Tally and Brice wasn't it," She responds, taking both of my hands in hers.


I look at Cecilia, a sweet, but mysterious girl I started mentoring last month. Cecilia was blinded at age three, though she didn't really want to tell me what had happened. Cecilia and I sat there talking about random things until I got the sense that another murder has just happened.

"Vision time," Cecilia asks, a smile on her face.

I weakly nodded as the vision hit me full force.

I can see Lake Okeechobee and Kissimmee river this time, which means the unsub has gone out of their comfort zone. I can see a nearly blood soaked hoodie, discarded backpack. Holy shit, one of the vics is still alive! If I can get to Lake Okeechobee I can save her!

I snap my head back as the vision ends, scaring Cecilia. My breathing begins becoming heavier as I grab my keys, phone and an emt kit. Cecilia stares at me at first, but the realizes that I'm in a hurry for a reason.

"A vic may be alive," she whispsers as we hurriedly head to my truck.

"Can't talk, but yes," I breathe, helping her into the passenger seat and then somehow 'Luke Duke' sliding across the hood.

I get in and the punch it, speading away as I see Dad and Aunt Debra come out of the house trying to follow me. I keep thinking how to tell them about this when my CB crackles to life, but I ignore it. I hit way over the speed limit as I pass some fellow officers on my way there. 

"Lexi, slow down," Cecilia calmly says, then regrets saying.


We reach Lake Okeechobee and Kissimmee River in no time. After stopping the truck I jump out and head in the direction I know the person is. As I'm running I hear a girl crying, which makes me run faster. Soon after I round a corner I come face to face with the River Killer. I lightly toss my emt bag away, then I tackle the River Killer knocking him away from the girl he was standing over.

"Run," I shout to the girl and now the boy who's awake.

They nod, hobbling and running off. I growl as the River Killer tries to punch me in the nose. I keep dodging him until I see Cecilia run towards us, which causes me to look away for a split second. This gives the River Killer enough time to get me into a choke hold and then place a serated knife near my throat.

"Back off or she gets it," he screams as I see the others run down this way.

"Don't listen to him, Dexter," I weakly shout, thinking of something to do.

Dad looks at me then to Cecilia and back to me. I can see fear register on his face for the first time on this case, which scares me.

"Daddy," I scream, fear fully enveloping my soul.

Suddenly I'm let go and the River Killer pushes me away from him. He looks at me through his ski mask, then he runs away, scared of what may happen to him.

"Lexi are you okay," Dad says, giving me a bear hug.

"I-I'm fi-fine," I mutter, still scared.

"Are you sure, Sweetheart," he asks, still worried.

I nod, feeling a little better, but still scared. I sit on the back of an ambulance, wrapped in a blanket to help keep me from going into shock. The girl and boy were taken to the hospital and officers stopped by to congratulate me on stopping the murders. I just smile and say nothing to help keep my secrets.

Once we're back at our house, Aunt Debra begins grilling me for answers, but I avoid all of them when Dad says that I'd probably like to go to bed because of what just happened. Aunt Debra finally gives in and then she tells me that I'm dismissed for the evening.

I roll my eyes as I head back up to my room. Once I'm up there I finish up my work and then lay back across my bed. Dad comes up a few minutes later to tell me he took Cecilia home and to thank me for helping Astor and Cody with their homework. I nod, trying to reflect on everything I know. Dad leaves me with my thoughts after telling me the girl had survived but the boy hadn't. 

I nod again, thinking how the hell can this case and week get any worse.



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