Unplanned Love


3. The morning

That morning Natalie had turned on the news to find out that Jordan had died in a car accident. She was dumbfounded. She was feeling a certain pain that couldn't be described. She burst into tears and her baby girl, Raylynn, had gone over to her and hugged her. Even though Raylynn had no idea what was going on she was still there for her mother. Raylynn had went to Jordan's funeral and met his mother, father, and Jordan's two sisters. His mother had known Natalie and had hugged her and said, "I have down thing for you. Jordan was going to give it to you, but he isn't able to do that." Natalie had opened it and it was an engagement ring. She slipped it on her finger and started to cry. Jordan's mother comforted her and whispered, "He loved you. Ever since the day he met you."

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