Unplanned Love


2. Later On

- 9 years later

Natalie had a baby girl, not married, and a career. She had just turned 25. She was on her way home when she bumped into the boy from her high school. The one she had fallen in love with but didn't do anything about it because her friends thought they were too cool for him. She asked his name and he had said, "Jordan. Jordan McLain. May I ask yours?" She had said, "Natalie. Natalie King." Jordan had asked Natalie on a date for that Friday night. The date was perfect. They had both had a wonderful time with each other. And it was pretty obvious that they had both still been in love with one another. Jordan had dropped Natalie off at home and had a goodnight kiss. She had watched Jordan drive off. She went in and had the biggest smile on her face and was blood red. She had gotten ready for bed and put her baby girl to sleep.

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