Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


9. Chapter 9

Katelyn's POV

We were all sat on the sand lying on our towels catching the sun it was so nice and peaceful just how I like it if I'm gonna be honest, Harry was getting a little bit to close for comfort so I got up and decided I was gonna for a swim

I was walking for about 3 minutes when a flash caught the corner of my eye and I had a feeling I knew what it was but pushed it to the back of my mind as I was trying to have a good day. I turned around looking behind me when I heard Millie's high pitched scream Zayn and Louis had hold of her Zayn with her arms and Louis with her legs running towards me clearly heading towards the sea I knew where this was going so I decided to get my phone out and got it on record as they were coming closer Millie was wriggling and jiggling about trying to get out of their grip but clearly to strong

Louis POV

I had to her back for that and I knew the best thing for it she was just lying there next to me sun bathing and Zayn looked over to me and gave me the look I knew what that look was and so did he, he snuck round behind her and grabbed her arms while I grabbed her legs and she squealed and the she realised we were running towards the sea, we ran straight past Katelyn who had her phone and and seemed to be recording this which made it even better

We got to the sea and slowed down Millie still kicking and screaming for us to put her down

'Put me down you idiots' she screamed

'What right here waist high in water' Zayn laughed

'No on shore you idiots' she yelled

'Hmmm what about no' I laughed



'Its called revenge love' I laughed

'Well now I'm in why don't we go for a swim abit further out'

'Umm I'll stay here where I can stand up thanks' Zayn grumbled

'Awhh why' Millie questioned

'I umm can't swim' Zayn mumbled

'Well you know where we are gonna be if you want to come and join,come on Louis' Millie said pulling me

'Millie the waves look way to big out there to be swimming in' I say with a hint of worry

'Oh come on Louis it can't be that bad if surfers can surf them' she snapped

'I don't really think surfers do theses kind of waves Millie can we please go back I really don't want me or you getting hurt' I say

'No Louis we are going to go and swim come on' she said

I didn't want to argue with her so I went they kept getting higher and higher and I started to worry Millie was loving it but I couldn't help myself for keeping my eye in her as the last thing we need is for one of us in hospital or something stupid like that due to the sea

She kept swimming further and further out I could see the waves getting bigger and bigger but she was clearly oblivious

I turned around to see a Zayn screaming and shouting and pointing towards where Millie was by the big wave I turn back and she's gone the wave took her under

I swam over to where the wave Is and quickly dived under the salt water stinging my eyes but I didn't care I needed to find her in the blink of a eye I see her I grabbed her and soon we were up on the surface she had her eyes closed, I started to panic I didn't know what to do

So I kissed her



'You umm kissed me?'She stuttered

'Urmm..urm look let's go back' I mumbled

We got back to the shore and everyone was gone and there was paparazzi everywhere so I grabbed Millie's and and she look down I pulled her through all the cameras and the questions and we hid behind a bush

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