Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


8. Chapter 8

Liam's POV

Today was out first full day of all being all back together it was sunny and I thought the beach was a good idea so I rounded up everyone


'THE BEACHHHHHH YAY YAY YAY' Louis and Millie screamed

'What about the paps they will have a field trip day if they find out we are going to the beach' Katelyn said worryingly

'There's nothing too worry about, By now you should be used to them' Niall said

'Yeah I am used to it but I don't enjoy it at all constantly having questions shouted in my face flashes of cameras everywhere I go' Katelyn complained

'Well Katelyn your gonna have to suck it up for one bloody day and not ruin everyone's day at the beach' Millie said

'Don't wind her up Millie you know what she's like' Mum shouted

'Yeah okay whatever mum' Millie shouted back

I walked out the kitchen and up too my room to go get my swimming shorts on and the rest of the boys followed as their suitcases were dumped in my room

Millie's POV

THE BEACHHHHHH, I love the beach, the water, the sand and of course THE SUN which is beaming bright today and it's like 30 degrees I love the sun and going to the beach today is just gonna be great but stroppy pants over here is moaning about the paps again but she's not ruining my day so she can pack it in and have fun even if there are paps there

Liam jumped in the driving seat of the holiday van Zayn in the passengers seat, me Louis and Niall in the back Harry and Katelyn sat behind us.

'So who's excited for the beach' Katelyn questioned

'MEEEE' we all shouted

'Some ones lightened up about this beach idea' Harry laughed

'Yeah shhh styles I thought I may aswell forget about them for one day and have fun with you lot seems as it is the beach' Katelyn laughed

' 1. Can you please stop flirting with my sister and 2 finally you have seen the light your gonna actually have fun' I squealed

' I'm not flirting with her at all thanks' Harry grumbled

'And I do have fun just not your sort of fun thanks' Katelyn added

'WE ARE HERE' Louis yelled

'Lets go have some fun' Zayn said jumping out the car

We got the towels and the sun loungers out the back of the van me and Louis didn't pick anything up we took our shoes of and stripped down into our swimming things as we sprinted along to get to the water

'Louis slow down' I said out of breath

'Sorry what I can't here you from all the way back there' He shouted back

When he said that I thought of a way for him to come back here comes the expertise of drama Queen Millie

'OWWWW MY ANKLE OMG OWWWW' I fell to the floor screaming and fake crying


'L...Louis h...hurts m....much' I said 'crying'

'Look don't move it I'm gonna pick you up and take you to the rest of the boys, your brother is gonna kill me' Louis said worried

'P...please d...don't h...hurt' I cried

'Im not planning on it' Louis laughed picking me up

Niall's POV

Me,Harry,Liam,Zayn and Katelyn were left with all the beach stuff seems as Louis and Millie ran off to the sea, we finally got to a spot where we all agreed was good Harry was debating on every spot we chose so we let him pick in the end it wasn't too close or too far away from the sea

Zayn put up the huge umbrella and we got the lounging chairs out and put them up and all chilled for a bit until we seen Louis walking towards us without no Millie but as he got closer we saw some one in his arms with blonde hair... Oh what has he done now

'Why is Millie in Louis arms' Katelyn mumbled


'Liam we were having a race and she went over on her ankle and fell to the floor screaming I ran over to her and bought her back here so she didn't have to walk' Louis explained

'Jesus well it must of hurt look at her face she's clearly been crying' I add in

'Shut up Niall' Millie groans

'Louis you know you love me' Millie adds in

'No but go on' Louis says

'Your the most gullible person I know hunny' Mille laugh

'OMG that has not just happened your ankle is fine and you have put it on all this time just because I was winning the race' Louis said

'Yes yes I did and you actually believed it' She replies

'I hate you mini Payno' Louis said dropping her

'I love you to Tomlinson' she giggled


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