Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


7. Chapter 7

Katelyn's POV

it's so quiet in here surely they are used to waking up early because they have to be because of their busy days, I don't really get along with them because they are like my sister wanting to go partying all the time but as long as Liam is happy I am too

Liam's POV

How much I love being home I get to spend time with my family and still be with the lads I love Wolverhampton I just jumped out of bed and stuck on my trackies and went to go get my grey jack wills jumper out the cupboard and it's not there its probably still in my suitcase oh we'll I walked down the stairs to see Katelyn sitting in the floor watching spongebob with a bowl of cereal I walked I to the kitchen to find a very tired looking Millie and zayn having a talk

'Hi guys' I say walking in

'Hiya' they both say

'Talking about anything nice' I asked

'Not really just about all your tour and coping with each other everyday' Millie laughed

'We are like brothers it's a good laugh and great fun' Zayn added

'Im going now to wake these lazy people up we are all doing something today' I said

'What about that about the surprise you have got for me' Millie said

'Thats tonight silly it don't take you all day to get ready' I replied walking out the room

I stood there and tickled all the boys feet and they woke up pretty fast they all looked so tired but they aren't sleeping in all day not happening

Millie's POV

I finished my chat with Zayn and finished my piece of toast and followed Liam in to wake up the boys Liam tickled Harry and Niall's feet and they woke up pretty fast but Louis not so much Liam stood there tickling his feet but it didn't work so I stepped in and jumped on him

Louis POV

I'm lying on Liam's couch half asleep because Zayn's voice woke me up so I was sort of awake when I get jumped on. It didn't hurt because whoever it was they were really light so I guessed it wasn't one of the lads

I opened my eyes and the light blinded me it took me a few seconds to adjust to the light which is normal but I see just the 4 lads looking at me and the younger twin Katelyn I know she doesn't really like me so it couldn't of been her jumping on me it could of been Millie wouldn't surprise me but she wasn't here I got up off the sofa and went to make myself a cup of tea and guess who was in there Millie sat there looking at me smirking

'It was you wasn't it' I moaned

'Don't know what your talking about Tomlinson' she laughed

'Im sure you do I'll give you a hint' I laughed

'Okay go on then' she said

'Well i was being 'squished' by a very light person by being jumped on' I replied

'It could of been the boys' she questioned with a smile on her face

'They are way to heavy Payne... Way to heavy' I said

'Could of been my twin' she laughed

'She doesn't really like me remember from last time' I laughed while saying it

'OMG yes I do me,you and Niall followed her on that date with that guy and crashed it actually nearly weed myself' she said nearly in fits

'It was Niall's idea to faint right in front of their table and she nearly had a panic attack and embarrassed herself in front of they guy when Niall popped his head up saying just kidding' I said laughing

'Oh I know she went and told mum as well when she came back and we got shouted at' she said

'But anyway I know it was you that jumped on me because your the only one that would' I said

'Fine okay Tomlinson, well maybe if you woke up when Liam tickled your feet it would never of happend my idea was the nicest and the rest of the boys wanted to throw water over you' she groaned

'Well much rather it was you doing it than anyone else' I wink at her

'Oh shut up Tomlinson' she replied

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