Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


2. Chapter 2

Millie's POV

Lately all in the newspapers and all over the news is about the boys finishing and coming home but when i last spoke to Liam he said around about another month AND THAT WAS 2 DAYS AGO i dont even know what to belive anymore i really dont enjoy things when he comes home yes i love him but we dont spend no time together katelyn has him wrapped round her little finger but as long as my family are happy then thats all i care about well thats what mum says anyway

Katelyn's POV

LIAM IS COMMING HOME TOMORROW millie dosent know as we think thats best for her because she will just kick off Liam is planning something speical for her i dont have a clue what it is but she told mum to make sure she is up at 7 in the morning dont know why but thats what we have been told to make sure that happens at this rate i dont thats even gonna happen its half 3 in the afternoon and her and her friend are awake but still in bed basically a hangover i dont see what she even sees in alcohol its a horrible thing and i dont see the point in it and neither does many people in this family but millie seems to enjoy drinking

We are going out shopping now there is always fans outside our house they will stay night after night so everywhere i go i have to take a body guard with me we even have to lock the doors in the day when we are in the house to stop fans getting in they are crazy but if they make Liam happy i guess we all are happy

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