Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


11. Chapter 11

Liam's POV

Everyone is sat at the table eating dad's specialty which was steak,chips, mushy peas and egg, it's also my favourite.

The boys were shovelling it down their throats and talking to each other and mum and dad inbetween mouthfuls. The girls on the other half aren't eating I think I'm the only one to notice it because everyone else seems oblivious,they were pushing their food around their plate and picking at it. I got my phone out from my pocket and texted them both because of the strange things they were doing

Me: girls what's up with you,why aren't you eating and why are you both doing the exact same thing?x

Katelyn jumped when the message sent her phone most of been on vibrate she looked down and didn't look back up

Katelyn: didn't even realise we were doing it at the same time I'm just not hungry

When she sent that she looked up and started doing what she was doing before. Millie looked down and just looked back up ignoring what she saw and just stared me down

Millie's POV

It's 5:00 and we are all sitting at the table eating well apart from me I don't want to eat I want to go get ready for my surprise that Liam has planned for me I'm not hungry I just want to go.

I got a text of someone but I didn't look at. My phone went off again and I look down to see it was from Liam he had put me and Katelyn in a group chat asking about why we aren't eating I looked up and looks towards Katelyn and she was doing the same as me, pushing her food around I don't reply to the text I just turned my gaze from Katelyn to Liam and just stared

Eventually everyone was finished, mum and dad have rule about no one can get up from the table until everyone is done and they keep by it the amount of times I've gone to stand up and been pulled back down is ridiculous. Everyone was finished so I got up and went upstairs and got in the shower

The hot water ran down my back while I washed my long blonde hair, I was in there for 10 minutes debating weather I should get out. I got out and the cold air hit me I shivered and wrapped a towel round my hair then round my body and walked out to go to my room

I got into my room to see Liam sitting on my bed

'What are you doing in here' I questioned

'Well it's 6 pm now and we are leaving at 8pm and I know you take AGES to get ready so don't take forever because I don't want to be leaving late' Liam answers

'Getting ready takes time Liam and I'm not rushing so if we are late then it's gonna have to be that way' I replied sassily

'Funny mill,just get a move on and be as quick as you can' he said before walking out

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