Being Liam Payne's Sisters

Being Liam Payne's sisters may sound fun but there's 2 of us and it sucks life not easy being the Payne twins


10. Chapter 10

Liam's POV

There was a gush of paparazzi starting to crowd us so we called Zayn out the water, When Zayn came we left everything and ran to the car locked all the doors and hoped Louis and my bloody sister would come soon because as known from experience from both of them they do get very mouthy with the paps and it doesn't help anybody

We waited and waited in the car it's been about an hour since we first got into the car still no Louis or Millie,there's paps surrounding the car and still many on the beach

I saw two little heads behind a bush and at first it though it was just paps hiding and being sneaky but no it wasn't Niall look properly and saw it was Millie and Louis, It don't matter how many times I tell that boy to be careful with the paps and especially with my sister but none of them listen and look where that's got them hiding in a bush well played guys well played

Millie's POV

'Louis really can we just go back to the car is only round the car park' I moaned

'Look in a minute just wait for them to all go away and we will go' he whispered

'Urrghhh fine' I whined

We waited for another 10 minutes until they finally pissed off somewhere else and I got my phone out and called Liam

Me: Hello, Liam?

Liam: Are you taking the mick Millie we have sat here and watched you two,for like 30 minutes and all you have done is laugh about it,

Me: First Liam we were in the water for most of it and when we came out the water we ran straight up the beach and hid behind the bush and of course I'm gonna laugh about it the paps are all dicks and thick enough not to follow that's what I was laughing at,just come pick me and Louis up now

Liam: don't mouth to me Millie I'm coming now I swear don't do this again

5 minutes later Liam comes round the corner with Zayn in the passenger seat and Niall,Katelyn and Harry behind and me and Louis got behind them, all they way home it was an awkward silence and I could see Liam giving me 'THE' look from the mirror, so to keep the peace I didn't say nothing neither did Louis

We all got home and they were still very angry at us so I went upstairs and got changed into my batman's onsie Liam got me and stuck my hair up into a messy bun and walked down stairs, Harry Katelyn and Zayn were sat on the sofas watching telly when the news came on


Katelyn gave me the look of what the actual fuck when

I just sat there quiet not quite to sure what to say and my bad luck kept coming Liam walked in and heard the story on the news


I knew it was about to kick off

'You called payno?' Louis questioned

'Don't call me that and don't act all innocent either mate' Liam shouted

'If your gonna shout please tell me what I have done it might help' Louis answered

'Well I trust you to go with my sister to the water and you go really far out and go up to the waves and then you kiss her' Liam shouted

'Liam mate it was completely different than me just kissing her' Louis said calmly

'How was it then Louis' Liam said in a stern term

'It was my f...' I didn't get to finish

'Shut up Millie let him explain' Liam said gritting his teeth

'Basically we went out with Zayn to the water and stopped shoulder height were Zayn could touch the floor as he can't swim so we stayed there for a while Millie invited him to come further but he said no as he can't swim,so Millie dragged me out and the further we went out the waves got bigger and bigger and I told her to stop and she wouldn't listen to me, I tired around as I heard Zayn shouting so I look at him and he was pointing in front of me where Millie was he was shouting as well so I turn back and Millie wasn't there and then I realised the wave took her under so I swam over there as quick as I could and went under and searched for her when I found her I bought her back up and she had her eyes closed so I kissed her and she well after that she opened her eyes' Louis said confidently

'So you didn't just kiss her for no reason it was because of all that well I'm sorry that I shouted at you and I'm sorry I lost my temper but she's my little sister and I don't want anything happening to her because your both little shits and up together your gonna cause trouble but I guess yeah it was friendly and it meant nothing' Liam said now calm

'Its alright I would be the same' Louis answered

Louis POV

But was it just friendly? Or was it more

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