Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


2. Your back

Diana's POV.

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My alarm went off. I turned it off and literally rolled out of bed. I got up and put on: shorts, a black crop top tucked into the shorts, and a red plaid unbuttoned shirt with a red beanie. I had my blonde hair straitened. I slipped on my black Keds. FRIDAY!!! I skipped break-fast and went to Starbucks. I was about to step inside when I got a call from an unknown number. 


Diana-D Unknown caller-U

D- Hello?

U- Is Diana there?

D- This is her.

U- Do you know anyone by the name of -pause- Louis Tomlinson

D- Yes I do

U- Well I have news for you.....

D-And what would that be?

U-This is Louis Tomlinson... 

(U changes to L)

D- OMG LOUIS!!!!!!! 

L- HI DIANA!!!!! 

D- OMG Where are you?

L- Actually I'm in Doncaster with a few friends... We were just about to head to Starbucks 

D-Well I'm actually here.... So see ya here?

L- I guess were only like 5 minutes away.

D-Okay see you when you get here baii!!!!! Save me a hug but if u don't... I don't know I'm to happy to make threats. 

L-Don't worry I'll borrow one of my Mums hugs.


L- Don't worry I have one for you see you there.

--------End of Conversation.----------------

I go inside and get a frozen coffee. My name gets called. I go get it. The door swings open and I look. "LOUIS!!!!" I put my coffee down. I run over and jump on him wrapping my legs around his torso and putting my arms around his neck. "DIANA!!!!" He screamed holding me up by my thighs. "Does Louis have a girlfriend?" An Irish accent asks. "Does Niall wanna be punched? Yes he does." Louis glared at Niall. I couldn't help but giggle. "You think thats funny you'll think this is hilarious." Louis said tickling me. "What about that is hilarious?" I asked laughing. "Everything." He said. "Wait. Hold up!!!!" I said. "Louis your in one direction?" I asked. "Yes I am..." He said. "Don't you know my name? Louis Tomlinson?" He asked sassily. "Yes buttttt theres a Perrie Edwards and I'm not related to her. That Louis could have your name." I said. "Zayn close your mouth." Someone said walking in. "Perrie how can I not have my mouth hung open?" Zayn asked. "OMG DOES LOUIS HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!?!?!?" She asked covering her mouth. "Say something about punching my girlfriend I will PUNCH you." Zayn said and Louis closed his mouth. I hopped down and sipped from my frozen coffee. Louis takes my Iced Coffee and started drinking from it. "Bitch really I was thirsty." I said. "Yes really." Louis said. "fuck you I'm getting another one." I went up and got another Iced coffee. I got it and then went back drinking from it. "Your like Niall around food." Louis mumbled. "Hey can you say that louder I didn't hear you." I said. "Diana is bringing sassy back." Louis said. "And Diana when did you start waking up at 7:00?" Louis asked. "Since I had three sisters dumb ass." I said. "SHIT SHIT SHIT speaking of three sisters I gotta go!" I said then ran out. I ran home and threw the front door. "ALISSA NINA KATIE LETS GO!!!" I screamed. I ran out of the house and literally ran into Louis. "Hi!!!!" Nina, Alissa, and Katie waved."Hi girls!!' Louis waved back."Sorry I had to leave so soon but my mum wants me to be responsible and drop them off at school." I glared at the girls. "Your mum thinks you'll become responsible thats bull." Louis said. "It's true." I said rolling my eyes. "Lets- WAIT I'M GETTING A CALL FROM JAKE!!!!!!" Katie screamed. "Jake?" Louis looked puzzled. "Her boyfriend." I rolled my eyes.  Katie got off the phone and looked shocked as fuck. "Kate whats wrong?" Louis asked her. "Diana you were right Jake was a Dick." She said. "Kates what happened?" "Jake fucking broke up with me. I don't know if I'm pissed or sad." She said."Diana you taught her to swear?" Louis glared at me. I held my hands up in defense. "Now I have to go to school and see the bas-" I covered her mouth. "Really Kate it's not a big deal he was a geek tbh he wasn't even on the football (soccer) team." I said. "True." She smiled. "Diana really thats your excuse beach to be honest its a really good one." He said. We walked to school I dropped the kids off and we started to go to Louis's. We get there and his mums not home only his sisters and the guys who are currently running around screaming. "Guys why are you screaming this time fangirling over yourselves?" Louis asked and I giggled. "No LUKE GIVE ME DA REMOTE!!!!"Michael screamed. "Home sweet home just how it used to be..." I said looking around. "Yea." Louis sighed. Just then what sounded like glass breaking we ran in and the boys were in Louis's room around a broken pictures. I walked over. "I remember that day it's when you left for the x-factor." I said. "Where did time go?" I asked. "Diana are you okay?" Louis asked. "I'm fine." I said.

Louis's POV.

I feel bad about leaving for the X-factor but I'm glad I did because I'm with my now best friends no I'm not replacing Diana. Don't even think about that. "Louis mums home!!" Lottie screamed. Shit.


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