Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


5. Wanna play truth or dare?

Diana's POV. We decided to play truth or dare. Cheesy I know. I went first. "Okay. Cassy Truth or Dare? " I asked her. "Dare." She said. "I dare you to confess your love for Harry!!!" I said and Louis ohhhhhed. "Truth!!!!!" She blushed. "Do you love Hazza bear?" I asked. "FINE!"She said. "i like Harry." She mumbled the last part. "Yes I knew it!!!" I said getting up and dancing around. "Liking the view. "Oh shut it Tomlinson." I said sitting on his lap. "Okay Louis truth or Dare?" She asked with a hint of evil in her eye. "I'm gonna pick truth because I don't know how your dares are and your quite freaky when you have that look on your face." Louis said. "Good choice." I said. "When did you start liking Diana?" Cassy asked. "When we were 10." I said. "omg like your for real about this!?!?!?" I asked turning around and hugging him. "For real!" He said. "Okay this is probably stupid buttt Do you like me real or not real?" I asked. "Not Real.. BECAUSE you didn't ask if I loved you!" He said. "You are so cheesy!!' Niall said. "GET UP WERE HERE!!!!" Paul screamed. "Yes sir." Louis said and I giggled. We got out and ran dodging crazed fan girls.

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