Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


4. TOUR!!

Diana's POV. 

Two months went by fast. Right now we are at Louis's waiting for the rest of the guys. "Louis I'm gonna say one thing.... I'm a huge Directioner It's true as Cassy" I said. "So your a fan but also my best friend.. Cool!" He said. "OHHH I KNOW I KNOW FOR SURE EVERYONE WANNA STEAL MY GIRL!!" Niall sang running into the house. "LOOK ITS CARROT PRINCESS WITH HER KING!!!!!!" Niall screamed. "SORRY TO INTERRUPT YOUR MAKE-" Niall was cut off by me shoving an apple in his mouth. "Well played." Louis shrugged. "STOP!!!" Harry yelled. "NOPE!!!" Liam yelled. Then there was a huge crash. Niall,Louis,Cassy, and I went to look. "Whos the cutie with navy blue streaks in her hair?" Harry asked. "My idiotic friend in crime, Dope ass swag, Friend who likes you and is joining the man of her dreams on tour!' I said earning a smack to the back of the head from her. "It's Cassy!" I said.Just then Zayn came in and tripped over the  boys then Luke tripped then Calum then Ashton. Michael stood in the door way then crawled over the mound of boys. "Why am I touring with you guys?" I asked. "To be a sweet doll face-" Louis started when everyone started ohhhing and aweing. "Hey you wanna end up with apples being chucked at where the sun don't shine I would shut up and I will go there ask Louis." I said giggling.

FLASH BACK!! -steal my girl dramatically playing in the back-

September 4,2004 The second week of school.

I had an apple I was eating and a popular girl came over and started teasing Louis with her boyfriend following. About 5 Minutes later her boyfriend was on the ground clutching his coconuts. I had two so I chucked the other one at her new shoe and broke one of the heels off.  Paybacks a bitch.

FLASHBACK OVA -steal my girl sadly ends- 

Soon Louis and I collapsed on the pile of boys laughing. Harry groaned in Payne(lol see what I did there xD). I helped all the boys up and finally Harry. "Thanks Love!" He said. "Anytime curls." I replied then Paul came in. "Paul Cassy. Cassy Paul." I said. "If she tries anything I'll leave her in one of the countries we go to." I nodded and Paul laughed. "Okay GET ALL OF YOUR THINGS I AIN'T COMING BACK." Paul said. Without looking I said,"Harry your hat!!"  and walked out. "You are a life saver." Harry said when we got in the car. 10-20 fan girls were out side the boy signed there things and got in before anymore people could come. I sat next to .Louis.

Louis's POV.

Would it be weird if I liked Diana? I pulled out my phone. Diana was asleep with her head on my shoulder. I texted Zayn:

L-Louis z-Zayn 

L-Can I ask chu a question? 

Z-Vas up? 
L-Welll... would it be awkward if I said I liked Diana

Z-Nope when did you start liking her?

L-About when we were 10...


L-It's easy for you to say Perrie and you are engaged!!

Z-Hey at least I grew some and asked her.

L-But she liked you back :(

Z-I see how she looks at you and when we met her and she was on you back she likes you bro! 

L-Shit she woke up and she is reading this over my shoulder.


L-She said hi

-end of convo.-

Diana got up pulling me with her. Zayn winked and I flipped him off. "Diana whate-" I was cut off by her pressing her lips to mine. I was shocked then kissed back. She pulled out her phone. 

Diana's POV.

I pulled out my phone and texted Zayn.


D-Diana Z-Zayn 

D-Can I ask you a question?

Z-whats up?

D-Would.. it.. be awkward if I said I liked Louis


-----end of conversation---------------

"Louis..." I said. "This might ruin everything feel free to leave me at our first stop.... I-I like you." I said running into the bathroom. (on the way to the air port) "Diana!!" Louis knocked on the door. "I like you too.." He said and I opened the door. "Really?" I smiled and he nodded. I jumped on the front of him wrapping my legs around his torso and my arms around his neck. "since first dates are where you get to know someone and we know everything about each other even now when you said nothing was wrong Diana I know what depression is can skip that and will you be my-" He was cut off when Zayn came running over. "YAY HES ASKING YOUU!!!" Zayn said and walked away. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Louis asked shaking his head. "I would love to!" I said kissing him. There was clapping and everyone was standing there watching us. "Really Zayn?" Louis asked. "Really." Zayn said in a basic girl tone. Cassy came over to me. "YOU ARE DATING YOUR BEST FRIEND!?!?!" She said. "Yes." I said and kissed Louis. "Louisssss you took my partner in crime, dope ass swag friend-" I cut her off with a smack to the back of the head. "You took Diana!" She whined. "I'll share wif woo!!!" Louis said batting his eye lashes. "Fine!" She said rubbing the back of her head. We had about 20 or so minutes until we reached the air port.



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