Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


7. The First Interview

Diana's POV.

Today the boys had their first interview of the WWA tour. (A.N yes bringing back those memories.) Cassy and Harry are now dating. Zayn proposed to Perrie. Louis and me are still dating. Niall got a girl friend her name is Jessy. Also Luke got a girl friend Lucy. She hates me. I will go ape shit one her plastic ass. "Omg I can't believe this is our first interview of this tour!!" Louis beamed.  "I know I'm SUPER happy for you guys!" I said. "Diana will you at least come back stage with Lucy, Perrie,and Jessy?" Louis put his bottom lip out. "Fine." I said. "Yay!" He picked me up spinning me around. He put me away and the boys went to do something. Lucy walked over to me. Shit, "Hey slut. Louis is only using you. He doesn't want your fake ass. I mean who would? Your fat ugly and never wear make-up." She said strutting away. "Hey babe why are you so down?" Louis asked sprinting over. "No reason." I said putting on a fake smile. "Babe I know when you fake a smile. Whats wrong?" Louis looked concerned, "I don't wanna say you'll think I'm jealous and want them to go away."I said biting my lip, "Okay tell me or I'll force it out of you." Louis said.  "Fine!" I said giving in. I looked around making sure Lucy wasn't around. And boom there she is standing in the corner watching my  every move. "Follow me." I said pulling him down a long hallway. "Okay when you left Lucy came over... and she said.... Hey slut. Louis is only using you. He doesn't want your fake ass. I mean who would? Your fat ugly and never wear make-up. And I quote she said that but I bet you don't believe me so Peace!" I said walking away. "I hope your happy." I said walking past Lucy. "Over joyed."She said. I flicked her off and kept walking. We were at the Interview place but I still had to change. I put on a British flag crop top and put black ripped skinnies on. I added my black converse. I curled my hair and put a black head band on. I put on black eyeliner and black mascara. I also added foundation. I walked out and sat down on some random chair. "Look the sluts out." Lucy said walking over. "Bitch shut the fuck up okay? I'm not the slut here." I said getting up and walking away. "Luke!! Diana just called me a slut and told me to shut the fuck up. All i said was your outfits pretty." Lucy whined. Luke looked beyond pissed. He walked over and was about to slap me when I caught his wrist. He tried to slap me with his other hand but I caught that one. He tried kicking me but I jumped back still holding his wrists. "Don't. Even. Try." I said walking off. He ran in front of me. "Who knew sluts could fight." He said. "Luke you know I thought you were better but I was wrong." I said walking away. I had tears in the corners of my eyes. Damn this is why I never wear make-up. We had about 1 hour till the interview started. I started walking and I ran into someone. I got up saying sorry. "CLAIRE!" I screamed hugging her. "Show me!" She is the only one who knew about me cutting. I showed her my wrists. Clean."Thighs?" I made the rip in my skinnies bigger on both sides. Clean. "Arms?" She asked. I showed her. Clean. "Stomach?" I showed her clean. Told you I didn't cut since I dated Louis. "My babies all clean!"She said hugging me. "Yea." I said. I was smiling... A real smile. "What are you doing here?" I asked her. "I'm Michael's girlfriend!" She said. "You?"  "I'm here because I'm Louis's girlfriend." I said happy. "Have you met Luke's girlfriend?" I asked her. "Yea she hates me!" "ME TOO!!" "Omg she said this to me and I quote Hey slut. Michael is only using you. He doesn't want your fake ass. I mean who would? Your fat ugly and never wear make-up."She said. "Omg me too except Louis." I said. My phone buzzed. "Hold on." I said holding up one finger.

L-Luke D-Diana

L-How could you lie to me?


L-What ever

D- Yea it is what ever I'm leaving this fucking tour!


D- Because no one fucking trusts me Luke tried to slap me and kick me thanks reflexes

L-More lies

D-Fuck off

------end of conversation-----------

"I gotta do something." I said. "No I'm not letting you." She held me back. Damn she knows me like the back of her hand. "Fine. Can I stay at your house?" I asked. "Yeah!!" She said we walked out and I got all my bags and we went to her house.

Louis's POV.

Okay I didn't think Diana was the kind to lie. And to tell me to Fuck off? "BOYS!!!" I call all 8 of them. "Help me find Diana." I said. "Who gives a fuck shes probably being mean to Lucy she is such a bitch." Luke said. Hold up. "What did you say?"  I said. "She's a B-I-T-C-H!" He said. I was about to punch his face in when Niall, Liam,Harry and Zayn puled me back. "I bet Diana is right. I bet Lucy did say that man she rubbed off on you!" I said walking away to find her. "BOYS YOUR ON IN 5!!!" Some one yelled. I got a text. Hey I'm okay don't look for me just focus on the interview I don't know when I'll see you again. But just focus on being you. The boys depend on it. Please? Bye.-Diana.  "NO.NO,NO!!!" I said collapsing on the floor. I threw my phone and I heard the sound of it breaking into a thousand tiny pieces."Boys your on." I got up and walked out. "Hello I'm Louis!" I said acting happy. "I'm Zayn!"  "Niall!" "Liam!" "Harry and we're One Direction!!!" Yes its only a one direction Interview. "Hello boys! Em Kim!" She said. "Hi Kim!!!" we all said at different times.The interview was soon over. I went out back and saw Lucy and Luke making out. I pulled them apart. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! ITS YOUR FAULT DIANA LEFT!!!!!" I screamed at them. "GUYS I CAN'T FIND CLAIRE!!!!"  Michale screamed. "Thats it. MICHAEL LETS GO TO CLAIRE'S HOUSE!!!" I screamed pulling him to his car. We get there and knock on the door. Claire opens it and Michael hugs her. Diana's behind her and I hug her. "Sorry I didn't believe you before!!!" I said. She jumped and wrapped her legs around my torso and her arms around my neck. "It's okay!!" She said hugging me. We drove  back Diana and me in the back and Michael and Claire in the front. We drove back and Lucy grunted. "You found her." "Yes we did. And I believe her Lucy you did say those things about her.!' I said. "AND ME!!!" Claire screamed jumping on Diana's back. "Yes and Claire." "So you did choose BOTH the sluts sides?" Lucy said. "LUKE HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS!?!?!" I asked. Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall, Calum,Ashton, Michael, Claire, And Diana all behind me. "I see it." Luke said also walking behind me. "Lucy go while you can walk on your own." Diana said. "Awe look at her fending for her friends" Lucy said. Diana walked over and kicked behind Lucy's knee. Diana sat down next to Lucy on the ground and held a point in her neck. "SECURITY!!!" Diana screamed. "Here ya go!!" She pointed to Lucy. "What? Wait.? How?Why?Who? When?" I asked.. "I learned pressure point and the knee thing basic facts. No time for waiting. How I'm just smart. Why because I could. Who Me. When now and I learned that when I was like 12." She said smiling. Claire was the only one who's mouth wasn't dropped. "YAY! You didn't forget." She said clapping. Diana laughed and walked by. I slapped her ass. "Bad girl." I said  smirking. "Don't make me go fruit ninja on your coconuts!!" She said.



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