Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


6. Off to Australia.

Diana's POV.

We got on the plane and I was in shorts and a long sleeved shirt CHANGE!! I went and put on Red skinnies, a blue and grey stripped tank-top, red overall straps, navy blue toms, geek glasses and a grey beanie.  I walk out and Louis's mouth drops. I haven't cut since me and Louis started dating I cut for about 3-4 years when he didn't call. "Wow...Babe.. Just wow." Louis said eying me up and down. "Does this shirt make me look fat?" I asked worried. "Nope!" Louis said getting up and walking over to me. He started to lean in when Niall came in. Damn Irish boy. "Really Niall!?!?" Louis was clearly frustrated.  "Really!!" He said jumping on my back. "Holy hell Niall how do I weigh more than you? You eat 24/7 I eat like every 7 hours." I said and held onto Nialls legs. "If your implying that your fat. YOU ARE DEFIANTLY NOT!" Niall said. "Keep dreamin boy." I said sitting down. Louis walked over picking me up sitting down and placing me on his lap. He put me facing him. I lowered my head and played with my fingers. He placed his finger under my chin making me look at him. "Diana listen. Your not fat. Your beautiful. Your not worthless. You are worth more than the richest man can pay. You aren't hated. You are loved. Your not perfect. But that's okay. Were human no one is." He said. I hugged him. I giggled and stood up and signaled for Louis and Niall to follow. I poked my head into the kitchen and saw Cassy on the table with her legs around Harry and arms around his neck while they were making out. I took a photo and left. I texted Cassy and I heard her say hold on.

----- convo------


D- didn't mean to interrupt your make out session but hi.

C- your a bastard.

D- ik bye!!!

---end of convo.-------

I sat down next to Louis and put my head on his shoulder slowly letting darkness take over.

Louis's POV.

How did I ever get so lucky to date someone like Diana? She is so pretty. Is that a cut on her wrist? No, no it's not your just seeing things Louis go to sleep I thought. I then slowly fell asleep and darkness over came me. I woke up to no Diana next to me. :(. Diana walked out with short shorts on, a crop top that said dope(black) , anchor earrings (I like detail) red converse, her blonde hair curled, and a red snap back. Damn shes hot. "Eyes up her buddy." She giggled snapping her fingers. "You spend wayyy to much time with Perrie." I said.   "Sorry Cassy spends all her time making out with Harry." She said walking into the kitchen. "Guys get a fucking room!" I heard her say."Okay!!" They said walking out. "NOT LITERALLY!!!" She said. "Harry I will go fruit ninja on your coconuts."She said and I chuckled. "Cassy you were worried about Louis taking me away.? Look at you to!" She said walking into the bathroom. Cassy's eyes went wide. "DIANA!" She said knocking on the door. "Sorry Diana is not here at the moment please leave a message after the beep Thank you!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP." Diana said. "Diana. OPEN THIS DOOR BEFORE I PUT A HOLE IN IT!!"  Cassy said and the door opened. "Go. Away." She said walking past us."Diana I'm sorry!!! It's just that your so pretty and I'm not and Harry thinks I'm pretty and yea." Cassy said awkwardly. "Bitch. Your like a 10 and I'm a negative 2000." Diana said. "DIANAS BACK TO NORMAL!!!!!!" I screamed and jumped into her arms. Literally. (A.N. IMMA MAKE DIANA HAVE A BROTHER ALONG WITH HER 3 SISTERS!!!! READ ON WEIRDOS) And then somehow manages to keep Cassy on her back while holding me. "How do you do this??" I asked. "It's called having a brother and 3 sisters."She said simply. "How is Josh by the way?" I asked. "Good. He turns 16 at the end of tour."She said. "Who is this legendary Josh that I've never heard of?" Niall asks eating. SHOCK! "My bwother!" Diana said. "Cool!" Niall said walking away. "Please sit down you have reached your destination Sydney,Australia!!" The annoying voice person said. We landed and got off the plane and into the car.




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