Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


10. I love you

Louis's POV.

I woke up cuddling with Diana. I kissed the top of her head and left the bunk. I went and made some bacon. I went over and I was flipping the bacon and felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist."Morning!!" She said. "Morning!!" I said back. "what cha bacon?" She asked."Very funny. Bacon." I said laughing to my self. "FOOD!!!" Niall yelled then I heard a thump. "HOLY BLOODY H-" Jessy covered his mouth. Oh yea did I mention  his girlfriend came on tour with us? No well she did. 4 girls mum ma Mia. Just as I started kissing Diana her phone went off. "God bless America." She sighed. She got a text and I read it over her shoulder she was texting her mum.


D-Diana M-Her mum

M- Why the hell are you on tour with them?

D- One you let me two Louis I told you is my bf

M-He's only using you for publicity

D-Mum no he's not.

M-how many of them have you slept around with 4? 5?

D-Mum are you calling me a .... slut?

M-you said it not me

D- Sorry I'm not the perfect little bitch you always wanted. Remember Jack? You thought he'd set me straight. No. When I'm with Louis or any of the boys or girls they don't make me feel stupid like you and dad. They have fun and we're all stupid when we are being us. I will never be the good girl you've always. Bye.

End of convo

And with that she got up and went and laid in our bunk. I went to the back of the bus where there was a punching bag. I murdered that thing. "Hey mate you alright?" Harry asked I don't even know when he came in here. "No.. look at this." I said taking Harry farther back where there are a lot of couches. Don't ask how but I hacked into Diana's phone from my computer and went to her mums convo with her.His mouth literally fell open "But.. when.. how.. why.. ugh!" he said frustrated. He went over to the punching bag and did the same damn thing I did. I went to me and Diana's bunk. I opened the curtain and she was asleep with tear stained cheeks. I crawled in next to her and crawled behind her and put my head in her neck. She smiled. "Louis stop that tickles!!" She said. "Hey you know what your mum said isn't true?" I asked her. "What that I'm a band whore or your using me for publicity?" She asked. "Neither are true." I said.She turned around and pecked my lips. "Thanks bae!!" She said."HEY HEY HEY!! WANNA GO SHOPPING??" I asked. "YASSS!!" She yelled and rolled out of the bunk. "FUCK MY LIFE!!" She yelled rubbing her back."Bae you okay?" I asked from the bunk holding my hand out for her to grab. She grabbed my hand and pulled me down with her. "Holy bloody hell!!" I said. "Brb gotta get dressed!!" She yelled. (She actually said brb). "HAY BABES!!!!" I screamed to Diana who came out in short shorts and a white tank top and black and white vest plaid thing."YES BOO-BEAR?" She asked. "We got invited to a party by Katy Perry. Wants to go?" I asked yes we had the day off. "Hell yes!" She screamed. "Okay we leave in an hour!!!" I said. Damn its already 4-.-. Diana came out in a light purple dress with a dark purple bow around the waist. Damn it went well with her orange,pink,purplish hair. "Ready to go??" I asked the girls and boys mouths were open. "Hey asses close you mouths she mine." I said hugging her from behind. "EVERY BODY WANNA STEAL MY GIRRLLL!!!" I screamed."No no one wants to steal me because I will chop off their coconuts if they take me from you." She said. "She will. Back off bichachoes!!!" I said laughing. (They arrived at the hotel before the party).

Diana's POV.

-1 Hour into the party after A LOT of dancing and drinking.- I found the red hair in the crowd, the giraffe, the Asian, The freak, then Niall, Louis ,harry, Liam,Zayn. "Come on!" I said pulling them into the car. "Ohhhh pertuy colors!!!" Niall said when I sat down in between him and Louis. He started playing with my hair."Yes Niall pertuy colors." I said patting his back.  "He he I like unicorns!!!" Liam yelled. I drank a few shots but not as many as these freaks yes I thanked Katy Perry. It was a long ride to the hotel due to a lot of, pertuy colors and screaming about liking unicorns. When we got to the hotel with the help of Paul we got all the boys into their rooms. I took Louis to ours. "Fuck this dress is tight as fuck," I said. "Louis can you unzip the back?" I asked forgetting about my scars. He nodded came over and unzipped. I was looking a a full length mirror at the time and Lou came over and snaked his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder. He picked me up and put me on the bed and started to kiss my neck. "Lou not now." I said. Then he did the unexpected. He slapped me. I got dressed and ran out of the room with tears streaming down my face. I ran to Michael and Claire's room. (A.N the girls were the only ones who didn't get wasted only a shot here and there but read on) I knocked on the door and instantly Claire opened the door. I went in and closed and locked the door. (An. And Michael wasn't terrible) "Babe wh-" He cut him self off when he saw me. "Babe whats wrong(An. In like one of those friend type of things ya know)." He asked. "W-we got T-to the r-room and I a-asked him to u-unzip m-my dress and h-he did then he started k-kissing my neck a-and I told h-him not now a-and he s-slapped me." I got out before breaking out crying. Michael and Claire hugged me. "Shh babes" Michael said. "Can I stay here for the night I don't care if it's in the bath tub I just don't wanna see him." I said as some one knocked on the door. I ran to the bathroom in case it was Lou. "What do you want Louis?" Michael asked sounding pissed off. "Is Diana here?" I heard Lou ask. "Nope now can you go we were trying to sleep." Claire said and Lou left. I walked out. "So can I stay?" I asked and they both nodded.  

-next day- 

Lou's POV. 

I turned over going to cuddle Diana but she wasn't here. I started to remember what I did last night. "SHIT!" I yelled running out of the room. I ran to Michael/Claire's room. "IS DIANA HERE I FUCKED UP LAST NIGHT AND I NEED TO APOLOGIZE!!" I screamed running into the room. I saw Diana and I ran over to her. "IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY I WAS DRUNK AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING!!" I screamed. "stop yelling!" she said. "Can you forgive me?" I asked sadly. She nodded "But... only because you we drunk as fuck." She giggled kissing my cheek." I love you." I said. "I love you too." She said kissing me.

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