Hello!!!! My name is Diana Edwards. I'm a HUGE Mixer,Directioner,and 5 Seconds of Summer fan!!!!! Like huge!!! My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-factor. We lost touch. But what happens when he calls me and wants me to meet some of his friends? Will they like me? Read Diana to find out!!!!


1. About Me

Helllo!! I'm Diana.. Yea I'm pretty boring. My best friend Louis Tomlinson left for the X-Factor about 3-4 years ago. I'm 21 now. So is Louis. We were inseparable. Okay let me get back to my point. I self-harm. My parents always try to make me perfect. Little note I WILL NEVER be the perfect little girl they have always wanted. I have 3 younger sisters,: Alissa(6),Nina(10), and Katie(19). This is my story. Enjoy my boring life!!

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