My bully, and My boyfriend? (H.S )

Camila is new the Wesmore High. People call her nerd,dork,and mutant, because she got straight A's and she is always on the teacher's go side. But her worst bully is Harry Edward Styles. He make her die inside. But what happens when Camila finds out that Harry has liked her since Middle School?


1. introductions

 Hey, my name is Camila. i have black hair, brown eyes, and i'm in the middle of tall and short. i am always getting bulied at school. i don't know why though. I think i'm nice (from what my mom says). I haven't made any friends since i came to high school. all of my other friends stopped talking to me as soon as the first day was over. The only person i can not stand is Harry Styles. he is suck a jerk! I mean we were best friends in middle school but then he changed. i don't know what happened. I wonder what will happen if I told him how i felt...

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