After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


2. The sacred direct message

After what felt like hours of trying to get the wifi to work it finally clicked in. By this time I had already invited Emily over too. "Click on it!" Jem said squealing frantically. "Geez hang on I need to do my password!" So I typed it in calnash as I did this my phone sprung to life and I was delighted to see a little red one by the Instagram icon. We all looked at each other and then I threw the phone to Emily. I'm not usually very good with things like this, it would either end up with me deleting the dm or with my phone being thrown 5ft across the room.

Emily looked up from the phone with the biggest grin on her face, then, she clicked on it...she broke out in floods of screams and tears as she threw my phone across the room. Guess I should have given the phone to Jem! Jem and I frantically ran over to pick it up. I lay on my stomach on the floor and read the message out loud:

Hey @hattieandjemmy this is Calum from 5sos. Me and the lads have seen three accounts, including yours, and we just thought it would be cool to meet up with you. So yer let me know if you want to and then we can go from there

Cal xx

"Holy Pizza Hut!" Emily flapped her hands, as if she were a bird,in excitement. As I too threw my phone across the room, I joined Emily in her flapping. "Guys?" Jem asked still on the floor. "Yeah?" Emily and I said in sync. "You didn't reply."

"Oh, right yer I should probably do that!" I laughed and joined Jem on the floor again.

Hi @calumhood! This is Hattie (obviously) um, yer happy to hang. Just wondering who the other two accounts were? Oh yer and where?

Hattie xx

I clicked send. Now all that was left, was to wait.

After about an hour, Calum replied to my message.

The other two accounts are @jemmymorris and @emilyyviolet. Luckily for you, the boys and I are stopping in the UK. In Tunbridge Wells I you know it?

Cal xx

Unfortunately by this time, Jem and Emily had left so, I had to be excited by myself but...that didn't stop me...

I jumped onto my bed and started jumping around, listening to End Up Here. I was doing the whole thing, singing, head banging, playing the guitar and the drums. I can't believe I have been talking to Calum Hood! As in...the Calum Hood! At this thought, I fell backwards onto my bed and lay like a starfish as I typed my reply:

Oh my gosh! Are those actually the two other accounts?! They are my two best friends!? That's so cool!

And yer I do know Tunbridge Wells, I used to go to school there with @jemmymorris and @emilyyviolet!!

Hatts xxx

It was getting quite late and Calum hadn't replied so I decided to hit the sack, I mean, Calum could want to meet up tomorrow and I wouldn't want to be tired for that...I haven't washed my hair! I don't have any nice clean clothes! I hopped out of bed and raced to the bathroom. I grabbed my favourite shampoo, herbal essence of course! And leant over the bath after turning the radio on to listen to 5sos, once again, of course! I spent ages preening myself and my clothes, I had seven different possible outfits for seven different possible events. By the time I had finalised my outfits I jumped into bed and was asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

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