After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


1. The Request

Had to temporarily sorry

"...coz I'm not fine at all..." I had just finished listening to Amnesia, one of the most amazing songs ever, when my phone rang, it was Jem. She had been my bestfriend since year eight and we both shared the same obsession.

"Did you see Ashton's latest post?" Jem squealed down the phone, "Yes! Oh My god it was just perfect!" I replied with another squeal.

We both shared an obsession with Five Seconds Of Summer, the best boy band ever. Luckily we both had different favourites so we could never clash.

After an extremely long conversation about what we would wear if we ever met Five Seconds Of Summer, I decided to flick through my Instagram feed. I had so many follow requests from people who clearly thought they should keep intouch with me despite the fact that we had never talked. We had finally finished school and our time at TWGSS whilst fun, had been a very long time.

I was accepting everyone when I came across a name which read "@calumhood". I immediately texted Jem:

"Come quick, Got something to show you xx" I only had to wait seconds before a reply came through:

"Kk. B with u in 3 xx"

After an incredibly long 3 minutes, I finally heard Jem come running into my apartment. "Jem, you should probably sit down for this," I said with a completely dead pan face. Jem said looking worried, "what's wrong?"

"It's just that, well, you know Calum?" I paused to add suspense, "he kind of requested to follow me!" We both jumped up and screamed with excitement.

When we had finished our little scream fest, I picked up my phone and opened up Instagram. It was still there:

"@calumhood has requested to follow you"

We both stared at my phone for the best part of a minute when I clicked the green tick:

"@calumhood is now following you"

I clicked on his account which lead to Jem and I spending hours drewling over each and every member of the band.

For a moment I clicked out of Instagram to check my snapchat but my phone started vibrating like crazy, someone was liking my posts. Jem and I stared at each other and I knew we were thinking the same thing.

Was it Calum? Was HE liking my posts?

There was only one way to find out. My finger slowly slipped towards the Instagram icon and gently tapped it. I clicked on the message '30 Likes' to reveal 30 likes from @calumhood! The Calum Hood! Jem and I rejoined in more happy squealing. After I had texted everyone that I knew I went back onto Instagram. 2 new Direct Messages.

You don't think? No? It couldn't be? It wouldn't be? Calum?

At that very point the wifi broke and I didn't get to find out who sent me the direct message.

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