After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


8. Shes falling

After a long yet seemingly meaningful journey full of hair being played with and many compliments passed, we arrived at our destination but, the girls and I didn't actually know where we were. When I hopped out of the limo, escorted by Calum of course, I looked around automatically realising where we were. We were outside Blue Bird which is a brilliant restaurant in London which is rather classy. Bizarrely though, there was nobody to be seen apart from a few people upstairs. The boys lead us upstairs to reveal an empty restaurant, with no people...where'd they gone? The lights suddenly switched on revealing a small stage not far from a round table.

A waitress popped out from behind the curtain on the stage and soon lead us to the table by the stage. "Your meals have already been ordered by these lovely gentlemen," she said looking Calum up and down. I'm not going to lie, I was glaring at her. "There will be some entertainment during your meal and I hope you enjoy your time here." She walked away looking back over her shoulder at Calum, I was still glaring.

"Hey what's wrong Hatts?" Calum leaned over rubbing my arm. "Nothing." I said stubbornly. "Hey c'mon Hattie, what's up?" His big brown eyes stared at me, he looked concerned. "It really is nothing just something silly." I mumbled looking to the floor. "Hatts?" I could feel his breathe on my neck, it sent shivers down my spine. I turned round in my seat to face him. He was right there. Inches away from me. He leant in. Sparks flew and I'm pretty sure everyone at the table stopped talking. He pulled away and I am one hundred percent sure that I was the colour of the Iron Man on Emily's dress. I looked into his deep brown eyes as he tucked a messy strand of hair behind my ear. He rested his head in the crook of my neck whilst his arms wrapped tightly around me. "She's falling, doesn't even know it yet. Having no regrets it's all that she really wants..." He whispered in my ear as he pulled away from our embrace. "Um guys?!" Jem said interrupting our moment. "Yes?" I rolled my eyes at her, she had a way of making things awkward. "What was that?" She pointed to Calum and I. "Nothing," Calum and I spat out in sync. Luckily we we're saved by the bell...or the strum on the guitar in this case.

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