After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


6. Ray Bands and Antiseptic

Jem and Emily ran in (without knocking which was one if my pet hates but, I let them off) both looking extremely pampered. They had clearly had their hair done and they were both wearing the most gorgeous swimming costumes and to top it off, they were both wearing matching Ray Bands. "Calum wouldn't leave the hospital last night!"

"Yer, he wanted to stay with you!" Jem agreed with Emily. "Oh and he bought you these, you're so lucky! They are way nicer than ours!" She said passing me a fluorescent orange bikini, orange flip flops and a pair of Ray Bands. "Get changed and meet us by the pool!"Emily said as they ran out of my room.

Once I had got changed, I walked out of the bathroom to see Calum sitting on my bed playing on his phone. He was wearing dark blue swimming trunks and had a the same pair of RayBands on. He just looked so perfect without even trying. His perfectly sculpted hair and his perfectly sculpted biceps were definitely the two things which stood out the most."Take your time!" He said throwing his phone into his pocket and jumping off my bed. He hooked his arm round me and lead me down to the pool where we joined the others.


"Right guys," Calum announced after we'd spent the day splashing in the pool, "I am taking Hattie out to dinner tonight, you're all invited so bring a date!" Calum said winking at me. Bring a date? Does that mean I am his date? Ashton looked over to me and mouthed "meet me in the sitting room in a sec." He got up and walked back inside, hopefully to the sitting room. "I have got to go pee." I announced as I hopped of my deck chair and skipped inside. I walked into the sitting room and Ashton was sitting there as promised. "So..." I said swinging my arms by my side. "Come sit," Ashton said patting the seat next to him, I went and sat down. Obviously a safe distance away. "Hattie, I like you. I know you like Calum but is there any chance of an us?"

"Ash," I said trying to sound as sympathetic as possible, "I like you too." His face lit up. "But, Emily really likes you, it would be the wrong thing to even think about 'an us'. She is my friend and I wouldn't do that." I said standing up making sure my point had been received. He pulled me wrist and I fell back down next to him. He leaned in and kissed me... "Ashton?" I heard Emily question. "Hattie?!" I heard Cal as he ran into the room. He ripped Ashton off me and threw him to the side. "I didn't..." Calum nodded, he knew I wouldn't. But this was interrupted by Ashton lunging for Calum, fist first. After lots of scrabbling on the floor, they both gave in. Ashton, being the older one, had given Calum a cut on his lip but had received a large bruise and a scratch down his cheek. I didn't know who to help first but, Emily went to Ashton so I went to Calum.

I took Calum into the kitchen to clean up. "Why did he do that?" I asked whilst dabbing at Calum's lip. "He's jealous." Calum winced as I carried on dabbing. "Why?" I questioned getting out some antiseptic, "he's jealous of you." Calum stated frowning at the floor. "What did I do?" I started dabbing Calum's lip with the acidic liquid. "You were you." Calum paused and flicked my hand away. "He likes you but he knows that I do to. Basically he doesn't want me to have you. He thinks I am not good enough for you and that I am a wimp coz I didn't tell you that I thought you were pretty. He's just jealous, he will get over it." Calum said playing with my ring. By this time I had tears in my eyes, to this day, I still don't know if it was because I was touched by what he said or because I was having a fan girl moment. Either way, Calum noticed and handed me a tissue whilst embracing me in the biggest, strongest hug ever.

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