After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


3. Lots of Notifications

I woke up the next morning to my phone flashing because of Instagram notifications. I lazily turned away from the light and closed my eyes again...WAIT! It could be Calum! I perked up as soon as I had that thought. I quite literally, jumped out of my bed and threw my duvet across the room. I leant towards my phone and snapped it off the table.

127 Instagram notifications

Oh my god! That has got to be a world record! I rushed as I unlocked my phone. I speedily tapped in my password calnash and clicked on the Instagram icon. I had so many direct messages with so many replies to be sent.

Jem: Oh My God! Luke Hemmings, as in, THE Luke Hemmings sent ME a dm! I am literally crying here! Can I come over? Ah nevermind be there at 10:00 xxxx

Me: Did you actually?! Like THE Luke Hemmings? Oh right haha sure see you then xx

Emily: Guess what? This awkward Marvel nerd got a message from the equally awkward, yet famous, Ashton Irwin! Jem said she was getting to you for 10.00 so I thought I should join you. See ya in 10 at 10!xxx

Me: woah lucky emz! Haha yer I need to tell you and Jem something when you get here xx

Calum: Hatts? I like it but, I am going to have to make up a new nickname which only I can call you ;)

Wow, that's such a crazy coincidence! Haha well that will make it even more fun when we do meet! Speaking of which, would you like to meet in Tunbridge Wells at Café Nero's at sayyyy...12:00?

Me: haha well happy to have a new nickname! I know it will be so much fun! I am having them round at 10:00 so I am sure we can meet you there at 12:00 x

@ashtonirwin: hey @hattieandjemmy! Me and the boys chose you as one of our favourite accounts. I know you have been in contact with Calum but just incase he got awkward and didn't say it, he thinks you're pretty and so do I but he got dibs ;)Anyway can't wait to see you and your friends later xxx

Me: haha aw thanks and yer can't wait to see you guys later xx

@luke_is_a_penguin: hi Hattie. Just wanted to ask if Jem was single coz I think she seems really nice...but yer let me know and see ya later x

Me: Yes Jem is should ask her out later! X

@michaelgclifford: So Hattie...I don't really know why i was sending you a's just the others did so I thought I should.. Haha ummm...looking forward to seeing you,Jem and Emily later xx

Me: haha that's a great reason to send a dm!:) looking forward to seeing you too xx

The other 121 notifications were people liking my photos. 120 of them were from each individual member of 5sos excluding Calum but including their joint account @5sos and there was one like from Jem.

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