After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


9. Little Things

Niall Horan strolled onto the stage playing the beginning chords to little things. Calum stood up reaching his hand toward me. "Would you do me the pleasure?" He winked, "one dance?" He pulled me out of my seat as we started to dance around the restaurant. I rested my head on his shoulders and rapped my arms around him. He sung the lyrics into my ear and I could feel each word tickling my ear.

When the song came to an end Calum whispered in my ear, "I think I love you Hattie Bunn," he kissed my cheek and led me back to the table. "Hattie?" Emily kicked me under the table. I wasn't concentrating because I hadn't quite got over what Calum had said to me. "Ow! What?" I groaned, "food is here," she pointed to the waiter behind me.

*after the meal*

We'd all eaten the most wonderful food and were quite frankly, drunk.

One Direction walked on stage, Emily, Jem and I jumped up, cheering and screaming. "We're actually not about to sing anything," Zayn winked at me. "We are about to pass on to another act." Louis continued. "They're called Five Seconds Of Summer!" Harry announced as One Direction walked off stage being replaced by Five Seconds Of Summer.

"I would like to sing this one by myself." Calum nodded to the other boys. "It's called English Love Affair...but this time, it's real," he smiled at me. "...The way she looked was so ridiculous, every single step had me begging for the next..."

"...Today, I'm seven thousand miles away...."

" I can't forget my English love affair!"

"Thank you!" Calum bowed as he jumped off the stage and pulled me into the biggest hug ever. "I'm sure of it now...I love you."

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