After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


5. Faint

"Hattie! Hi so nice to finally meet you." Calum said leaning in for a hug. Me being the awkward lemon that I am, I ducked under his arms and said, "Woah! Dem dodging skills!" Him and I chuckled as Emily and Jem went and talked to the others. After we stopped laughing at my misfortune, Calum passed me a milkshake. "I took the liberty of buying you one before you came. I bought you chocolate because vanilla is quite boring and I know, from your account, that you don't like fruit." I took the milkshake looking into his deep brown eyes, I think he noticed..."Plus ya know, the chocolate sprinkles are the same colour as my eyes!" He said nudging me.

We sat down and joined the others. Emily was clearly flirting with Ashton but he wasn't having any of it, as soon as I sat down he practically ignore her and started talking to me. "Hey Hattie!" He said leaning away from his conversation with Emily. "So is Cal still being awkward or has he asked you out yet?" He smiled at me and winked, "if he doesn't, I will!" He joked...I think. Once again I could see the jealousy burning through Emily's veins, Jem however was completely indulged in her conversation with Luke.

Suddenly there was a noise. A loud buzzing. You could hear people running. Hundreds of people. Squealing. Screaming. Calum's face said it all. Fans... We all jumped into their limo, which somehow I had not noticed yet. We got in just in time. As soon as the door closed we could see hundreds of girls with phones and cameras bashing against the windows. Jem, Emily and I had gone through that stage. This stage was where you had only just discovered Five Seconds of Summer and basically, your life revolved around them. The difference between that stage and the stage we are at now is that we can actually control ourselves and have a conversation with them without screaming, squealing, fainting or just fan girling.

"Wow!" I said looking out the back window as we drove away. "We would have never done that..." I said winking at Emily and Jem causing us all to erupt in floods of laughter. Calum just stared at me and smiled, "I like your laugh," wow this couldn't get more awkward! I immediately stopped laughing and I felt my face getting hotter. Jem looked at me and mouthed the words "your face is red..." I turned away from Calum so I could recover from this traumatic incident but as I turned round....................Calum leaned towards me and kissed me on the cheek. Oh my god! Calum Hood just kissed me on the cheek! I'm going to die! I am actually going to die. This time I didn't just go red, I fainted. Yup, I fainted, right there. That's as awkward as it gets. The cutest guy ever kissed me and what did I decide to do? Yup that's it, I decided to faint.

I woke up in a bright, white room on a scratchy bed. "Oh my gosh! You're okay!" I heard a voice from the other end of my bed say. I knew it was Calum, I recognised his gorgeous accent. "What happened?" I mumbled sitting up.

"Doc says you fainted and gave your head a rather nasty bump." Calum leaned against my bed and plumped my pillows. He was so nice, I hadn't known him long but I felt like him and I had this thing, I don't know what it was but, we just clicked. "I would give you and kiss but I wouldn't want you fainting again!" Calum joked. At this point, I wriggled deep under my scratchy duvet. "Um, Hattie?"

"Yer?" I murmured from under the white expanse. "What are you doing under the duvet?" Calum said pulling up the corner so he could de me, I quickly pulled it back down. "I look awful!" I said wriggling even further down into the endless expanse of white scratchiness. "No you don't!" Calum sounded offended. I heard movement. Then...he pulled away the duvet and started tickling me. I didn't want to laugh because last time I did, I fainted but, I couldn't hold it in. I let out the most bizarre noise which I think was meant to be a laugh. Despite my efforts, I couldn't wriggle any further down my bed, Calum had a firm hold and was not letting go. "Please s...s...s...stop!" I blurted out in between giggles. Luckily, a doctor soon walked into the room, "sorry, am I disturbing?"

"Yes." Calum said winking at me.

"No honestly just messing around." I looked away from Calum and towards the doctor. "So you have a minor injury to your head and we would recommend that you keep and eye on it but, apart from that, you're fine. I have checked you out and you may leave whenever you want." The doctor walked out, "I guess I will have to keep and eye on you from now on!" Calum said pulling me up and out of bed. I thought he was joking but, apparently not.

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