After School

It all started with a follow request and just went from there


4. 12:00

Jem and Emily both burst into my apartment at 10 o'clock on the dot, as promised. They both ran towards me waving their phones in my face. All I could see amongst the blurriness was the names involved in the conversations. Luke Hemmings' name came up on Jem's phone. On Emily's phone, the name Ashton Iriwn came up quite a few times too. We all joined in a triangle of squealing and excitement.

"Guys I have some very important news for relates to our new friends!" I said flashing a slightly evil, smug grin at both of them whilst waving my phone in their faces. "What is it?" Jem said trying to see my phone. "Well..." I said smugly grinning at the two of them. "I am meeting Calum in Café Nero's later!" I paused, "Ashton, Luke and Michael are going to be there too." Both of their jaws had dropped. As they looked at me I could see the excitement and jealousy burning through their veins. I let them get a little bit more jealous for a few more seconds before blurting out the next part of my statement, "and you guys are invited! We are meeting them at 12! If you're up for it." I said nudging Emily. Their faces lit up as they both lunged forward and hugged me.

Once they'd finished hugging me, I pulled out three outfits, specifically chosen for each of us. They were my top three from the night before. "Oh my god! Can I wear this one?" Jem said as she looked at one of the three. "Yup!" I said popping the p as I handed it to her. Emily stood next to me looking longingly at another outfit. She didn't need to say anything, I knew she loved it. I passed it to her, "thanks," she said looking her outfit to be up and down.

We all ran into separate rooms and tried on our new outfits. Jem was wearing a pair of ripped skinny jeans and an NYC T-shirt. Emily wore a cute pink skirt, a black tank top and black tights. I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a pink tank top and a long, dark blue cardigan.

By the time we had finished adding extras to our outfits, it was 11:30. We all went outside and hopped into my mini. While we were driving, we had our favourite CD was obviously Five Seconds of Summer's! The music was blaring Don't Stop as we pulled up outside Café Nero's. Rather awkwardly and unfortunately for us, Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael were sitting outside giggling at our slight fan girl moment. "Act cool!" I whispered to Jem and Emily as we got out of my car. We walked towards the band and you could almost feel the tension in the air.

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