"Why?" - "Because one of us always will be a foreigner."


2. Trip

Eye-liner, mascara. Ta-daaam. I was ready to go.

Max and Harry entered the room: "Ya ready?" - "Do you know what knocking is? I could have been only half dressed!" - "Why not?" - "You're my cousin!!" - "But I'm not." - "Yeah, where have you been? I'm here for a week, but haven't met you yet." - "Well, here I am. I'll make sure to leave my number this time." - "You better be. Anyway, let's go?"

Max and Harry made their way to the car: "Who is he?" - "Cousin's friend." - "No, I mean who is he for you?" - "A friend." - "Oh c'mon." I muttered: "Oh my god," and hugged him: "You know that I like you." - "But nothing keeps you away from liking him." - "But he's just a friend." - "Isn't that what you have been telling about me? Yet we fucked." - "You aren't really into head. Are you?" Finally he wrapped arms around me: "Let's go?" - "Let's go."

We got into the backseat of the car: "Are we picking up anybody else?" - "Melanie." I hid my hands into long sleeves of Ethan's sweater. It's not like I'm going to return it, so I can call it mine now. And wrapped my hands around his arm. Then I hid my face into his shoulder and muttered: "Make sure I don't start planning her murder..." - "Why?" - "You'll see. I hope none of you like her like that." - "She's our friend." I put my head on Ethan's arm back as we drove to Melanie's. That bitch.

She was waiting for us outside her house already with that stupid smile-grin. Just touch Ethan. Just touch.

She got into back seat on the other side of Ethan and everybody greeted her with huge smiles. I didn't even move.

We carried on driving: "Anybody needs shops?" - "I'd use some cookies." - "Like last time?" - "Yes." We laughed as Melanie and Ethan sat with poker faces: "Last time I wanted cookies, I ended up a cookie fairy." - "We made her drink 0.7 Jammeson. She was completely wasted." - "And then she remembered that she had cookies." - "I took the pack of cookies, put as much as I could in my mouth and tried to yell 'Imma cookie fairy' but sure thing they fell out. So I threw them out, sat on the sofa next to Harry and said "Cookie godfather will be disappointed in me" with a morose expression and voice." - "The things you manage to do when you're drunk..." - "True dat." Ethan was laughing his ass off while Melanie sat with a bored face. Well, bitch.

When Ethan was calm Melanie started: "Eth, where are you from? I haven't met you before." - "I'm from Norway actually." - "And why are you here?" - "Why can't I?" - "I just asked." She put her head on his shoulder. Bitch, he's mine. I shifted a bit and Ethan understood immediately: "Melanie, can you please not? That shoulder hurts." She lifted her head up: "How did you hurt it?" - "I'm playing football." - "I love football so much." Bitch, you haven't ever seen a game. How can you even hurt your shoulder in football? Does she even know what football is?

She continued flirting with him for whole way to city. Why are we going to the city? I found out that we have to pack full car with people and drive them to place where we all should meet.

When second person was getting into the car it was loaded but we had to pack one more person. Suddenly Melanie spoke up:  "I can sit in Ethan's lap." - "I'll let Kat sit on my lap." I got onto his lap and everybody was in the car.

We started driving and car was shaking. I leaned to Ethan's ear and whispered: "I hope you don't get too excited down there." - "I'll get my revenge later." He whispered back and I laughed: "What about me switching seats with Melanie?" - "God forbid." - "Told you."

The car jumped up a little harder than usually and I felt that Ethan has gotten hard there: "It's not my fault. Sorry." - "I know, babygirl." He threw his head backwards. "Max, you can't drive a little calmer?" I laughed. "Why?" - "My head is hitting ceiling time after time," I lied.

We finally arrive at the place and started setting up our tents as other people arrived. I saw as Jake and Allison got out of car and found myself smiling: "Why did nobody tell me that Jake is gonna be here?" - "We wanted it to be a surprise." - "That's why you are going to set up tents by yourselves. I'm gonna talk to him."

I ran to Jake and he seemed surprised too as we two hugged: "Why didn't you tell me you're back?" - "I arrived just yesterday and didn't know that you're in the town. Sorry." - "Next time remember to call me." I laughed and hugged him again: "Where did Allison go?" - "Probably to meet some friends." - "Tell her I said hi. I gotta go back to idiots over there." - "Who's the guy with Max and Harry?" - "Hopefully boyfriend to be. He lives in another country. Flew here just for me." - "Ohhh. I wish you luck. I'll meet him and the rest, and you later? Gotta find Allison and put up the tent and other stuff." - "See you!" I hugged him one more time and returned back to boys: "Who is he?" - "We used to hang out a lot before he flew to other country. You'll meet him later." We finished our tent and put everything inside it.

It finally started to get darker and some people started to make campfires. There were, like, five campfires together, because there were a lot of us.

I and Ethan sat down as our group came to us: "Wait, I'll go get a blanket." I smiled as I got up: "Don't get lost." - "I'll try to."

I got up and made my way to our tent. I got a blanket and closed the tent. At the same moment Jake was next to me: "And where's Allie again?" I laughed. "She's by campfire." - "And what are you doing here?" - "I wanted you to introduce me to your boyfriend." - "He's not my boyfriend. Yet." - "I can bet Allison that he will ask you tonight." - "Allie is your everything." - "Exactly." He wrapped his arm around my waist as we came closer to fire place.

We made our way to Ethan: "Jake - Ethan, Ethan - Jake." Ethan shook Jake's hand with a strange look. Suddenly Allison ran to Jake and he wrapped an arm around her waist. "Ethan, this is Allison. Jake's girlfriend." Allison said a happy: "Hi!" and Ethan's face immediately softened. Look who was jealous. I came over to Ethan's side and he wrapped an arm around my waist. We all sat down by the fireplace and I wrapped the blanket around us. I sat there with my head in crook of his neck. Later we were just hanging out, talking. I was on the verge of falling asleep there, I kid you not.

"Kat?" - "Hmm?" - "Can I ask you something?" - "Yeah." - "Will you be my girlfriend?" I smiled, sat up and answered: "Yes." He kissed me and I laid back onto him and snuggled closer and he hugged me tighter. I fell asleep.

I woke up by Ethan whispering something into my ear. "Hmm...?" - "Let's go to the tent." - "Is everybody going to sleep?" - "Pretty much. Some are off to drink." - "Where are Max, Harry, Jake and Allie?" - "Jake and Allie went to sleep few minutes ago. Max and Andy are getting ready for drinking." - "Typical."

At this moment Max and Harry came to us: "We're off." - "Watch each other, please. And call me if something happens." - "Okay. Have a good sleep." They left.

"Ufgh. I don't want to get up." - "Shall I carry you?" - "Yas please." - "Let's go, babygirl." He said and carried me to the tent.

As I got into tent, I fell right into left side of mattress and pulled half of a duvet onto me. Ethan closed the tent and got under duvet and wrapped an arm around my waist: "G'nite." - "Sleep well." I quickly fell asleep.

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