"Why?" - "Because one of us always will be a foreigner."


1. Surprise

Recently I got into argument with my best friend. On the first day of summer. Awesome, right? And in the end I got called a little bitch. Sweet.

I was almost in tears when I decided to go to sleep. It was around 12AM. I shooed my cousin out of room and got under duvet. I fell asleep.

I woke up by the lobby door sound and voices: "You can put your luggage down in that room. Then go to that room.My mom wants to meet you." - "Okay."

I heard as doors to room where I was sleeping opened. Somebody put down the luggage and left the room. I fell asleep in wonder who might that be.

I woke up by somebody getting into bed next to me. It's probably a boy. Because these weren't girl arms those wrapped around me. I didn't move. Will probably find out who it is in the morning. But I think I already knew.

"I know you're not asleep." - "How'd you know?" - "Told you." I didn't respond since I was still mad at him.

"Why don't you talk to me?" - "I'm a little bitch. Might act like one as well." - "Stop it." - "That was exactly why I don't speak." - "Turn to me." I kept silent and wasn't moving. "Kat. Please." I turned around: "Well?" - "I'm sorry. I really am. Like, I don't know. I fucked up bad there. I should have stopped when you asked me. I'm sorry. I let you down. I shouldn't have done this. Like, you never expected me to do this, yet I did. I'm so fucking sorry. I feel horrible about it. I'd even understand if you don't forgive me. I was a jerk there. I understood what I did a couple hours later, but thought I'd give it a time because both of us would be calm."

I turned around and a tear escaped my eye. He sighed and still had his arm around me. He got closer to me and wrapped his hand tighter. 

I tried to fall asleep. But couldn't. I took my phone and checked for new messages. I had one from Felix. I started to read it when I felt as Ethan put his head over my shoulder and started reading it. "You seem a nice girl. Wanna meet up?" - "Those are not your messages. Go to sleep." - "Are you gonna meet up with him?" - " 'Course no. I'm not that crazy." - "Good. Because you  really shouldn't." - "Oh my god. I know that I shouldn't. That's why I'm not going to. You know. I'm not actually that stupid as you think. Some things I know how to do." - "But I know better." - "You're not my father. Why are you even here?" - "I wanted to surprise you. But you don't seem so happy about this." - "I'm the little bitch after all." - "Look, I'm really sorry about that." - "Whatever."

I locked phone screen, put it down and snuggled into duvet. 

"Kat, please. Stop acting like this." He rubbed my hand and put his head in crook of my neck again. "Don't be mad at me." 

I turned facing him and snuggled into his chest as I wrapped my arms around him. I literally heard him smiling when he wrapped both hands around me. "But I still don't want to talk to you." - "Then don't. You can't keep silent anyway."  He laughed at me and I muttered back: "I hate you." - "Sure you do." I fell asleep snuggled to him. 

I woke up in the morning still snuggled to Ethan as he ran his hand up and down my side. "Why did you wake me up? I love sleep. It loves me. Do you want to break us up?" I muttered sleepy. Ethan just laughed at me: "You're cute when you're just awoken." - "Shush. Maybe sleep is not gone yet." - "It is gone. Because I am here." - "Go home then." He laughed again: "I was on plane for three hours and you tell me to go home? But oh no, I won't." - "Good. Because you want to give me some of duvet. My back is freezing." He put duvet over my back and hugged tighter. "Better?" - "Much better." I muttered and buried my face more into his chest. If that was possible.

Yes. We are just good friends. 

But I'd like to change that. I liked him really much.

"Ethan?" - "Hmm..." - "What is the actual reason why are you here?" - "You."

At this moment somebody walked into the room: "Good morning lovebirds." - "Shut up." - "Such a sweet way to say good morning to your cousin." - "I know right?" - "Anyway. Breakfast's ready." - "We'll be there in a minute." He turned around and exited the room. "Cow." - "Do you call everybody like that?" - "No. There are old bats as well." He laughed: "Let's go. I'm hungry." - "Tell me something new." We got up and I shivered: "You were warm." - "I was hot not warm." - "Whatever." - "Come here." He opened his arms wide gesturing for me to hug him. I did that and we moved to living room.

"G'mornin'." We sat by the table and started eating.

When we were done I helped washing dishes and Ethan went to play some games.

I was done with dishes and came to Ethan: "I'm off for a shower." 

I came into the room as I laughed loudly about Ethan, he tripped on flat surface. Stealing my skill.

"What now?" - "I dunno." - "I'm too lazy to do anything." - "For a lazy person you're pretty fit." - "Shush. Nobody needs to know about this actually." I laughed. "Kat is good i-" I put a hand over his mouth: "Stop it. We have to live with these people for two more days." - "Only?" - "Yes, when are you flying back?" - "You meant we?" - "I'm pretty sure my dad won't allow me." - "Then I should tell you that he was the one who made all this happen and got you a ticket." I started jumping in excitement. Ethan looked at me with a big smile.

I hugged him tightly and he wrapped his arms around me: "I'm happy that you're happy, babygirl." Then he kissed my head: "I hate being so short..." - "It's cute how you can't reach anything." He laughed at me: "Even my 13 year old sister is taller." - "Fuck you.." - "Wanna round two?" - "No. I'm feeling sore." - "That's what you get." He said with cheeky voice. I could stand like this hugging him for years. But sadly one of my cousin's decided to enter the room.

I didn't let go of Ethan, so didn't he. We turned our heads to my cousin: "I'm going out with friends for a night. You two wanna come along?" - "When are we leaving?" - "Harry will be here in couple of minutes. I'll go get our tents and everything. You might want to start getting ready, I know you." - "Boo. I don't take so much time." Suddenly Ethan appeared into conversation: "Oh yes, you do." - "High-five, man. I like you already." They high-fived each other as I muttered and let go of Ethan: "Couple minutes... Tell him to walk slower..."

I started looking for clothes as my cousin left. I found purple t-shirt, black jeans and couldn't decide between grey or pink sweater: "Grey or pink?" He pulled out something grey out of his suitcase: "This." I recognized the sweater. He once send me a selfie with it. 

I smiled and wore it. "Looks amazing on you." - "Thanks." 

I found my grey Converses. I wore everything. "Black or white?" I tuned to him: "White." He wore the shirt as I watched his muscles. Then I turned back and took my make-up case.

Eye-liner, mascara. Ta-daaam. I was ready to go.

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