"Why?" - "Because one of us always will be a foreigner."


5. No Sleep

"Why do you have more photos of Ethan than photos of me?" - " 'Cuz you're not as handsome as him." was all I muttered back before everybody started to laugh hysterically. Why? I have no clue.

I finally sat up and rested my hands on Ethan's stomach. He looked at me and laughed: "You look horrible." - "As if I didn't know that," was my sarcastic answer. "Babygirl, I didn't mean it like that." - "I know." I leaned back down and he hugged me. Then he whispered into my ear: "Babygirl, I was just joking. You're beautiful even when your hair is sticking into every direction. Look at me, my hair looks the same. Don't be sad over that, please." - "That's okay." - "No, it's not, your voice changed. C'mon. Let's go downstairs and change?" - "I don't want to change. I'll just wear your sweater and it's gonna be ok. It's not like I'm gonna get out of car anyway." - "Okay."

We just laid there for a while until I decided that I want to eat: "Let's go downstairs and make something eatable." Everybody agreed and we went downstairs.

In the kitchen we made a big mess, but cleaned it up afterwards. Just as I finished washing last dish, dad drove into driveway.

I ran out of house and hugged him: "A hello." - "Are you two ready?" - "I don't want to leave right now and I know that you want to talk to aunt a little too." - "Okay." - "We both will be ready to go whenever you call us downstairs." We entered the house by now. Boys greeted my dad: "So you're the Ethan." - "Yes." - "I hope you're really worth all this." My dad laughed and we headed upstairs. I and Ethan fell onto the bed again. I cuddled up to him: "Ufg. You're so warm. I want to stay like this forever." I buried my face into his chest and fell asleep.

I was woken up by Max shaking me. Dad was in front of us: "No. Go home alone. I'm comfortable." - "C'mon we gotta go." He laughed and left to downstairs.

I woke up Ethan: "We gotta goooo. I so am sleeping in the car." - "Agreed." - "Let's go?" We got up and I hugged Harry and Max for goodbye. Ethan did a handshake with them and we left.

We took our bags, said byes to the rest of house and went to the car. Dad was already waiting for us there. We loaded car and jumped into backseat.

We cuddled into backseat and I was lulled to sleep.

I woke up and heard Ethan talking to my dad: "Yeah, but she's really insecure and doesn't see beautiful in herself." - "She has always been like this. Her classmates in primary school used to bully her. Now it's over, but feeling is still here I guess." Then they stopped talking. Ten minutes later we finally arrived.

I got out of car: "Damn. It's cold." - "Happens." We took our bags and went into staircase to the flat. Fifth floor. Not my fault.

We finally came into the flat and headed to our rooms. I and Ethan dropped down our bags: "I have no power to pack this out today. Let's better get a shower?" - "Let's go."

When we returned from the shower it was around 11PM. "Ethan?" - "Yes?" - "Let's watch a movie." - "Horror?" - "Noo.." - "Please? I'm here. There's nothing to be afraid of." - "Ufg. I hate you." - "Sure you do." I put in some horror movie and got into the bed next to Ethan.

The movie ended and I turned off the TV: "I hate you." I turned facing him, wrapped my arms around him and buried my face into his chest. He wrapped his hands around me and kissed my head.

I was awoken by the thunder and lighting. Ethan woke up as well: "You awake?" - "Yeah." - "Scared?" - "Yeah." He wrapped his hands tighter around me. Then there was a loud thunder striked: "We just had to watch that movie, didn't we?" - "Babygirl, nothing bad can happen. And I'm here." - "That doesn't change the fact that there's a thunderstorm outside." - "But you're not alone. You've got me." - "At least."

"Eth?" - "Hmm..?" - "When do we leave to Norway?" - "In less than two weeks." - "How long am I staying there?" - "Two weeks as well. I can't fall asleep." - "Neither can I. But I don't want to get up. It's so warm." - "You're so cute." I buried my face into him again. I could hear him smiling. "What's the time?" I took my phone: "Ten past five." - "Too early to get up."

I finally lifted my head up and kissed him and he kissed me back. "You know what's the best part of this?" he asked. "What?" - "That I get to get up like this for more than three weeks more." I smiled at his words and then it hit me - only four weeks in total and then it's all over.

"I'll go to use bathroom." I tried to sound as happy as I could. "Don't fake the happiness. What happened?" I sat on the edge of bed: "Only four weeks in total and then it's all over." - "It won't be." He sat up and wrapped an arm around me: "Just face the reality. We both know how this is gonna end." - "Listen, I flew here in the first place just because I care too much about you. I won't let this end that easily. I know distance relationship works rarely, but we can be this 'rarely'. Aye?" - "Yeah I guess." I got up and made my way towards bathroom.

I came out of bathroom and saw Ethan on my phone, I crawled into the bed next to him: "Found something interesting?" - "No, just a lot of pictures of me. Oh, and I changed your wallpaper." - "Cow." - "You'll like it." He continued playing around in my phone.

I crunched and put my head on his shoulder, or however you call that place because I clearly was too short to reach his shoulder with my head. "You cold?" - "The floor was freezing cold." He wrapped his arm around me and I placed my head onto his chest as he continued doing something on my phone.

"Babygirl?" - "Hmm?" - "I thought you've fallen asleep." - "Almost."  - "Felix keeps messaging you." - "Ufg. Have you opened any? What does he say?" - "He saw you online and started spamming and pleading to meet him." - "And that's it?" - "It went along line - I know you're online and reading my messages, why you don't answer?" - "Oh gad. Just message him that it's you." - "If my previous girlfriends would've seen me with their phones I'd most probably would be dead by now, not even mentioning reading messages." - "I have nothing to hide from you." - "He answered that he doesn't believe and still thinks it's you." - "Just take a picture then. The idiot won't believe until the proofs." Ethan did as I said. "Any answer?" - "Well.." - "Well what?" - "He started from how big of slut you are and telling me to keep away from you. But babygirl, I know you're not. As much as I have read you're keeping confident with all people." - "Unless it's serious." - "What do you mean?" - "Unless it's like with you right now. Anything else he said?" - "Everything along that one." - "Some people just need to learn what respect is." - "They never will though."

"Babygirl?" - "Hmm?" - "Can I block him already?" - "Yes." - "Where's charger?" - "Right above you." He reached to the charger and plugged it in. "You blocked him yet?" - "Just did. I'm feeling kinda sleepy now." - "Let's sleep then. What's the time?" - "Half past six."

He put down the phone and we moved to pillows. Just as I placed my head onto pillow I felt Ethan's hand slipping into mine. I fell asleep soon after that.

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