"Why?" - "Because one of us always will be a foreigner."


3. Fight

As I got into tent, I fell right into left side of mattress and pulled half of a duvet onto me. Ethan closed the tent and got under duvet and wrapped an arm around my waist: "G'nite." - "Sleep well." I quickly fell asleep.

I was awoken by my phone blaring. Ethan woke up as I was searching for it. Max was calling me. Something's wrong. I picked up: "What happened?" - "How did you know?" - "Why else would you call me?" - "Harry got into fight. He won, but it wasn't pretty." - "I told you to look after each other." - "I left for a toilet, for two minutes." - "Where are you two?" - "The usual place." - "We'll be there in few." I hung up. "Let's go." I wrapped a thick duvet around myself as Ethan put on his sweater.

I took a bottle of water, bandages and some other stuff I knew I'll need. Those idiots. How do you even manage to get into a fight in couple of minutes?

I found both drunk souls and started cleaning up Harry's face: "How did you manage this?" - "The guy was calling this one girl a bitch." - "And you sure had to put a word. Next time wait until they're done arguing and then go be a superhero to that girl. Would've saved your face and nerves of the poor girl." - "I'll try to remember that." I cleaned up his face for a while longer and I was done.

"Now let's go get a sleep." - "But I don't wanna leave yet." - "Like I care. Let's go. You'll be thankful in the morning."

The two stumbled to their tent while I was muttering how big idiots they are. Ethan was just laughing at me: "You think that's funny? Did you even see his face?" - "Babygirl, it could be much worse." - "But it is already bad. Gosh, I bet his whole face is hurting now. He needs pills." I got into tent and took two pills and a bottle of water.

We made our way to the tent of boys: "Knock knock." - "Who's there?" - "The pills for the hurting face." Andy got outta tent and took pills: "I love you." - "Good. Now get a sleep. Nite." - "Night."

I and Ethan made our way to our tent. I repeated the same process as earlier.

I woke up when it was around 11 in the morning and heard: "My face is hurting so bad. Was I really supposed to pull up that fight?"

"Eth?" - "Hmm?" - "Get up." - "Can't be fucked." - "C'mon. Time to go home. I wanna warmth." - "Then snuggle closer to me." - "No. Okay. Sleep. I'll be right back maybe." I wrapped a thick blanket around me, got some pills and water for Harry and Max and got out of the tent. Why is it always so cold in summer mornings? And it was cloudy too.

I came to their tent: "Knock knock." - "Who's there?" - "Pain pills." - "Get in." I got into the tent: "How are my sunshines doing?" - "Why did you even ask?" - "Here. Drink these." Both drank a couple of pills. "Now, get up. I wanna go home." - "We still have to wait for others." - "Everybody's pretty much up. Except Ethan. In his words - he can't be fucked to get up."

Suddenly I got pulled down in between both boys. "I like him. He's cool." - "That's the reason why you pulled me down?" - "No. The reason is that I'm cold." They both threw arms around me and pulled themselves closer. "Idiots. I swear, you two would make a good gay couple." - "It's warmer now." Then Ethan called from our tent: "But I'm left alone and cold here!!" - "Then join the fun here!" - "Can't be fucked!!" - "Lazyass!!" - "I hear from who!" - "I hope you freeze there!!" - "I love you too!!" - "Idiot!" - "I committed in love and you call me an idiot!! Fuck you!" - "You'd want to!!" - "Why not?!" Then everybody started laughing. And I mean EVERYBODY. Including me.

We all finally got out of tents and ate breakfast. After that we got into car. Ethan was driving as those two were basically passed out in backseat. We dropped everyone at their homes and drove to ours.

When we stumbled into house my aunt was already looking at Harry's face: "What happened?" - "He'll need couple pills in about an hour. I cleaned up the scars at night, but he needs a better cleaning. He'll explain everything. I'm off to sleep. Good nightmorning." I didn't even wait for the answer and made my way to the room.

I kicked off my shoes, took off the jacket, changed from jeans to sweatpants with Hello Kitty print and fell into the bed with Ethan following after me. We snuggled to each other. Now it was warm and comfy.

"Eth?" - "Hmm?" - "Why do you even put up with me?" - "What do you mean?" - "First of all, look at me. And my attitude is horrible too." - "You're so wrong. Yes, you may have imperfects, but I look past it. Nobody's perfect. I think you're beautiful. And attitude? You have been through a lot, you have rights to be like this. Also you're emotional and that shows in your attitude too. And I also know that you didn't believe in any word I just said. But you have to know that I really think like that. And you have to accept it. Like you accept my retardness sometimes and other stuff, I accept you as you are too." I didn't have anything to say so I just buried my face into his chest and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up alone. I thought Ethan is upstairs with Max so I got up, wrapped the duvet around myself made my way to there. I was right. They were playing xBox. "Hello." - "Our sunshine is finally awake." - "Shut up. How's your face? Hurts?" - "Not as bad as in the morning." - "That's good to know."

Max had a huge bed. Ethan and Max were sitting in the end of bed, Harry was somewhere in the middle on laptop, so I just free-fall'ed onto pillows: "Don't care, don't say anything, you're supposed to love me." They all laughed as I placed my head next to Harry.

It was rainy outside. And pretty cold inside too.

Harry started to run his fingers through my hair.

"I GIVE UP! YOU'RE A PRO!" Max started yelling and I added quickly: "He's a nolifer. He plays games for hours." - "Let's better watch a movie. Gimme the remote, let's see what's on." Max started flicking through the channels and stopped as he saw Fast And Furious beginning. Ufg. That movie is pointless. "Kaaaaat. Sit up straight and Harry, drop the laptop and join the fun." Harry put down the laptop and I just said: "Fuck off," with all power I had in me. It more sounded like nothing, because of my sleepy voice. Boys just laughed at me as they got comfortable. I placed my head onto Harry's lap: "I'm a burrito." - "Why are you even so sleepy?" - "Because it's cold and rainy and cold and the weather is just horrible. It makes me want to crawl into a warm hole and wait until this is over." - "Most girls like weather like this." - "I'm not most. And I like this weather too, but at the moment I'd enjoy sun and warmth." Nobody said anything but just continued to watch the movie I fell asleep soon after.

I woke by wind blowing hard and opening the window in the attic. It was still raining so I had to get up and close the window. It was so cold in attic room. I came back and saw how we were sleeping.

Ethan was on the end of the bed with a duvet, following by Max with his duvet and then there were me and Harry sharing the duvet. Well, I don't care. I fell back to the place where I got up from. Then I head a loud thunder. I immediately got under the duvet and closer to Harry: "Are you scared?" He whispered. "Yeah." - "There's nothing to be afraid of, it's probably very far away anyway." - "Just let's sleep." I fell asleep soon after this.

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