"Why?" - "Because one of us always will be a foreigner."


4. Coming Home

Ethan was on the end of the bed with a duvet, following by Max with his duvet and then there were me and Harry sharing the duvet. Well, I don't care. I fell back to the place where I got up from. Then I head a loud thunder. I immediately got under the duvet and closer to Harry: "Are you scared?" He whispered. "Yeah." - "There's nothing to be afraid of, it's probably very far away anyway." - "Just let's sleep." I fell asleep soon after this.

I woke up by 5 or something again and it was still raining and wind was still blowing. I noticed that we have moved and there was a lot of place next to Ethan while I and Harry were in the corner squished. I thought I'd give him more place and got up and went to Ethan's side. "Hello there." - "Why are you not asleep?" - "Why are you awake?" - "Because it's raining heavy. And wind can be heard really loudly." - "Scared?" - "A little." He pulled me closer to him. Now I felt right in the place.

I was woken up by TV and sounds of dishes. My aunt was waking us. It was still raining. Today we were going home. I don't want to leave. But I miss home. "Wake up!" - "We're up!" We all said at the same time. All sleepy and not moving.

Aunt left the room: "I don't want to get up." - "Nobody does." - "I have to pack my stuff. We leave in the evening." - "You can pack in the evening. Now let's sleep."

"Kat?" - "What?" - "When did you leave my side?" - "At five or something. There was too small place." - "She just loves me more," Ethan laughed. "Well, if there was a place next to Max, I would've been there right now." - "HA!" - "You're my cousin, so don't get your hopes up too much." Harry and Ethan 'awwed' sarcastically. And we laughed. I kissed Ethan. He smiled: "This is how I want to get up every morning."

We watched TV, still sitting under duvets. I was cuddled to Ethan. Before that I sat separately from him, but then I got cold and it's not like he wasn't my boyfriend. I just rolled closer to Ethan and simply wrapped my arms around him and put my head onto his chest. It took him a couple of seconds to register what just happened, but then he put his arms around me too. This is how I ended up being cuddled up with Ethan.

Later my aunt came upstairs to us: "Are you not hungry at all?" And we all answered at the same time: "It's too cold to take off the duvet."

Later she brought up some breakfast and we all ate. Nobody got up.

Then Max decided to finally get up. He wanted to check his Twitter and his phone was next to the mirror. "You two look so cute. I shall picture this." He turned on the camera on his phone and we smiled for the picture. Then he decided to upload picture on the Twitter with caption 'My cousin with her boyfriend #lovebirds'

You might wonder where is Harry. He fell asleep.

Max got back into the bed and jumped under the duvet.

"I could go and use bathroom. But I'm finally warm." - "Only you can say something like this." - "I'm just telling what's on my mind." - "And what about times when you keep silent?" - "My mind is basically a black hole. It absorbs stuff that I always forget." I buried my face into Ethan's chest and then got up unwillingly. "Get back here. It's cold without you." - "I will be back in few." - "You better be."

I went downstairs to the bathroom. When I was back Ethan and Max were already playing some game on xBox. Well, then.

I fell next to now awake Harry: "Ethan betrayed me." - "I so did not!" - "You're playing xBox right now. I'm lying next to Harry. You shall switch places." - "It's not like he doesn't know not to try anything with you now." - "True that, man." - "See!" Then I got under the duvet next to Harry.

I shall not say anything about him playing games. That is just going to cause an argument. I bet he wouldn't choose me over games anyway.

I took my phone and gave it to Harry: "Put in your number." He did as I said and then I put away my phone: "I don't want to pack up and go home. It's so fun here." - "At least you'll get more time alone with Ethan." - "But still. I shall start packing." I got up and went downstairs.

I started packing my stuff. When I was zipping up my bag Ethan came into the room. "Why you not playing games upstairs?" - "I thought it would be useful to take a little break for few minutes and help you packing up." - "I shall say that everything's done," I said as I threw my arms around his neck. "Shortie." - "Shush or you're not getting a kiss." He leaned in and kissed me as his arms made their way around my waist. "You sure that I'm not getting a kiss? Because then I'm gonna steal some." I smiled and kissed him.

"What are Harry and Max doing?" - "When I was leaving they were arguing about which part of GTA is better." - "Typical." My phone went off.

I picked it up: "Max, you're upstairs. You can drag your ass down here to say something." - "No, my ass is glued to bed. Come back upstairs. And bring a pack of chips please. No, bring two and coke." - "Okay. Be there in few, lazyass." I hung up: "Heard orders from the king? Let's go."

We went to the kitchen and took everything. I poured chips into huge bowl and made Ethan take a bottle of coke and glasses. "Why am I carrying this?" - "Because I said so." - "No, because you want to eat chips while we are going upstairs." I sticked my tongue out at him. He laughed at me.

We came upstairs: "The food has arrived, your majesty." - "Thank you, peasant."

I gave the bowl to Harry and jumped into the bed and buried myself into duvets and pillows. Ethan and Harry starred at me in disbelief while Max just munched on chips: "She's just special and has done that many times before." Everybody returned to whatever they were doing and Ethan crawled into the bed next to me. I rolled onto him. A while later he fell asleep and so did I.

I woke up by my phone ringing: "Yas?" - "Were you sleeping?" - "Yas." - "I'm on my way. Just wanted to warn you." - "Okay, thanks. We are already packed, so no worries."

"Ethan?" - "Hmm?" - "I don't want to get up." - "How much time does it takes to drive to here?" - "About an hour." - "Then you still have time to sleep." - "Max?" - "What?" - "I hate you." - "Why?" - "I dunno. I just felt like saying it." - "You're definitely special." - "I know." I laughed and buried my face into Ethan's crook of neck. He shook a little when he laughed at me.

"Oh. I almost forgot." - "What?" - "I took a pic of you two when you were sleeping." - "Take my phone and send it and previous one as well." - "Okay."

"Why do you have more photos of Ethan than photos of me?" - " 'Cuz you're not as handsome as him." was all I muttered back before everybody started to laugh hysterically. Why? I have no clue.

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