2. He's Drunk

I wake up feeling movement and gasp and open my eyes quickly. "Relax it's just Liam" he says in my ear, he's carrying me. "We're going inside the house now. You slept on the plane and in the car. Be quiet though, the boys are sleeping" I nod and push the door open with my foot, gently. Liam walks us both inside and closes the door quietly and carries me upstairs and puts my bags on the floor of my room and me on the bed "thanks Liam. For. Everything." I say laying down and smiling at him. He walks over and pulls the sheets over me and kisses my head "anything for you" He says and starts walking towards the door "and ignore Harry, he will come home soon drunk, maybe he will have a slut I don't know. He might be just drunk." he walks out and closes my door.


I lay on my side and try and remind myself to relax and that I didn't deserve what I went through and that nobody can hurt me..I fall asleep getting emerged into my thoughts.


I wake up to a bang I turn my head to the clock glowing in the dark 5:30 am. 5:30!! "This better be a good reason to wake me up." I mumble to myself, getting up. I turn my light on and open my door slowly and see a tall, dark guy stumbling up the stairs. ~Must be Harry.~ He trips and falls, and looks up and sees me and gets up. He starts walking towards me. I study him, he has tattoos and piercings and smells like alcohol and drugs. I feel my heart beating in my chest it's getting faster each step he takes towards me. The light from my room hitting off his emerald eyes perfectly. He stands right in front of me and I keep studying him and his tattoos. "wow." I say out loud on accident. He stands there watching me "my tattoos?" He asks.~Wow, his voice is so deep.~ I nod "yeah. There amazing." He chuckles "thanks" and moves his foot and almost falls over. I grab his arm so he doesn't fall. "Thanks." He says and smiles, he looks exhausted! "mind helping me to my room?" I nod quickly and step out of my room fully and he puts his arm around my waist and I shiver, he's so warm. I walk him down the hallway and walk in the only other room on this floor and guide him to his bed. His leg hits the bed and he falls on it and brings me with him. I gasp and look at him, he's sleeping. Aww. I move out from under him, and gently stand up and study his face and see his piercings. I decide to take his lip and nose piercings out, I don't want them to hurt him when he sleeps. I put them on the bed stand and pull the sheets over him and go in the bathroom and grab Advil and get some water from the sink and put them next to the piercings and walk back to my room and lay down and fall asleep immediately.

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