1. Chapter 1: He's Just Trouble

Chapter 1: He's Just Trouble

Angelina's POV

I run into an alley way and take deep breaths trying to regain my strength and then take off running in the direction where my friend Liam would meet me. I run around until I reach grass and look around I was at my old high school, I was close to where Liam would be, arms wide open. He truly is my super hero, saving me from all this. I slow my speed down to a jog, my bags are starting to get heavy. I have to keep going. I run until I reach the park, where Liam said he would be.

I put my bags on the ground and look around with my eyes and then someone puts a hand on my shoulder. I turn around quickly about to punch whoever it was, but Liam stops my punch with his hand and wraps me in his arms tightly and whispers "it's okay. It's just me. Nobody's going to hurt you anymore."

I relax in his embrace and hold onto him tightly and choke out "promise?"

He nods "I promise. And if they try they're dead. Now come on, we will miss our flight" he says calmly in my ear.

I nod and watch him take my bags and place his arm around me gently and pulls me close walking to the car.

I swear sometimes he's an Angel that was sent to rescue me.

He opens the car door for me, and I get in and relax in the seat and buckle my seatbelt.

Liam gets in shortly after me and starts the car and drives and looks at me every so often

The car ride was silent for a while then he breaks the silence "I'm sorry this happened to u..."

I sigh "it's okay, I deserved it."

"No u didn't! Nobody deserves to go through what u went through!" He yells

I jump in my seat, he never yells. He looks at me, his face softening "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell." He says softly and takes my hand

"It's okay Liam. I understand, you just care about me. I'm just glad I get to start a new life with you and those friends of yours"

He smiles and parks at the airport "those friends of mine have names. Niall is the blonde Irish one, he's truly a sweet kid. Zayn he's mysterious and very artistic... Louis, oh gosh he's crazy fun...." He says then sighs "then there's Harry.... Stay away from him. He's trouble"

I get out of the car and take the bags out

Liam gets out and takes the bags and looks at me "please stay away from him. Your a gorgeous girl, and an easy target and I don't want him hurting you" he says and starts walking into the airport

Me following him close behind "Liam I love you and all but I'm not a baby. I know what I'm doing. I'm not going to make the same mistakes...." I say and go through security after Liam.

He just nods

"What's so bad about Harry anyway?" I ask getting on the plane and sitting in the window seat.

Liam puts the bags over out seats and sits down he looks at me "he's. He's. just-" he says and stops and takes a breath, chuckling to himself slightly "he's just trouble"

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