What I Want

Jill Marks used to be fat, awkward, and ugly. However, after two years abroad, away from her private school in New York, she's thin, gorgeous, and she has the attitude to match. She's back to help karma out a little bit, giving former tormentor and current high-school queen bee Andrea Benson a taste of her own medicine. But how far will Jill go in order to get what she thinks she wants?


3. Three

The day flew past me, until fifth period.


Earlier that month, in my pink notebook, I had thought of a plan of attack: Be the sweet new girl, get Andrea's cohorts on my side, then take her down through every little plan of humiliation, every secret I accidentally spilled.

We were friends once. I knew a lot about her. I knew where she hid her diary. I knew what her home life was like.

I knew everything. Once I had that diary, I was golden.

"Jill!" Elizabeth's voice rang from somewhere deep inside the cafeteria. "Come sit with us!"

I scanned the room, finally seeing the table where Cheyenne, Elizabeth, and Andrea were holding court with three other guys, all of whom were wearing green letterman jackets. I strode over, trying not to appear too excited. This was it. The very first moment. I could start acting like the sweet girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. I had no obstacles.

Except for a very hot guy.

I quickly snagged the seat next to Elizabeth, my eyes on the shining shaggy blonde hair, the perfect tan, the muscles and those magical eyes, a unique mix between hazel and green. "Hi," I was able to squeak out, speaking to the whole group but still looking at the hottie from the corner of my eye.

Elizabeth quickly made introductions. "This is Reed," she began, gesturing towards a tall guy with brown hair and a light sprinkling of freckles on his nose. Reed's mouth was stuffed with a turkey sub, and he waved hi as a piece of turkey dangled from his mouth. Ew. He was A-list, sure, but not as cute as Blonde Hottie. Especially with food in his mouth.

"This is Miles," Elizabeth continued, moving onto a dark haired, tanned guy. He nodded at me and turned back to Cheyenne, whom he'd been in deep conversation with.

"And this is Caleb," Elizabeth finished, smiling at the Blonde Hottie.

Caleb. What a beautiful name. It fit him. He was a beautiful guy.

Did I really just think that?

Just then, a girl with limp black hair and heavy under-eye bags that totally didn't go with the designer wardrobe she was sporting skulked up to the table. I noticed she was trembling. "Andrea..." she began, her voice squeaking.

Andrea got up and pushed in her chair, standing face to face with the girl. "I told you to stay away from me," she hissed. "Go die in a hole, Sierra."

The whole cafeteria was silent, watching the drama unfold. The girl- Sierra -shivered with fear, but she still kept going. "Andrea," she pleaded. "I didn't mean to..."

Andrea snorted. "Why are you still here?" she growled. "Get. Away. From. Me." And then she did something totally unexpected.

She raised her palm and slapped Sierra in the face. Her hand connected with her cheek, making the loud slap of skin on skin. Elizabeth gasped, and Cheyenne winced. Reed and Miles were both cheering, "Yeah, you show her!"

I glanced over at Caleb.

He was gone.

I turned back to Sierra, who was holding the cheek Andrea had hit, tears streaming down her face. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, then closed it and ran away. Her shoulders slumped, and if she had a tail, I bet it'd be between her legs.

Andrea, now calm again, sat back down. When she noticed me looking at her, she wrinkled her nose. "What?" she snapped.

I shrugged, smiling sweetly and innocently. "Nothing. Um, who was that?"

"That was Sierra," Cheyenne answered for Andrea.

"Yeah, and she..." Elizabeth started. I leaned in to listen. There was a loud thump underneath the table, and Elizabeth's face contorted into an expression of pain. "Ow!"

"Sorry," Andrea simpered. "My foot slipped."

Elizabeth bit her lip, eyeing her nervously. Meanwhile, I was confused. What was going on?

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